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Be afraid! Be VERY afraid!

Be afraid! Be VERY afraid! by Patricia Grady Cox   When I volunteered to blog on the 31st of every month, here’s what I didn’t realize: (1) I would have to do it this month, and (2) that meant I … Continue reading

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The Traveling Writer

The Traveling Writer by Eduardo Cervino   At night, airplanes’ navigation lights move like fireflies against the seemingly fixed starry universe. Planes are the writer’s wings. Authors with money travel to learn. Those without let their imaginations fly. With thousands … Continue reading

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The Wisdom of Writing Character Profiles

The Wisdom of Writing Character Profiles by C.K. Thomas   Using a computer program designed for writing fiction gives me an opportunity to write detailed profiles of each of my novel’s characters. Those profiles are stowed neatly in an area … Continue reading

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Explore the Unfamiliar

Explore the Unfamiliar  by Deborah Tosline   Hard hat, check. Steel toe boots, check. Rock hammer, check. Computer and references, check. My day-to-day writing universe consists of hydrogeologic technical reports. Transforming my informational, fact-checking, analytical writing style into an interesting … Continue reading

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What’s there to learn about business body language? EVERYTHING!

What’s there to learn about business body language? EVERYTHING! by Barbara Chatzkel I am a confirmed people watcher, both professionally and personally. When I am working as an executive coach and a consultant, I continuously and carefully decode the visual … Continue reading

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The Power of the Group: No author ever truly goes it alone

The Power of the Group: No author ever truly goes it alone by Laura Orsini How often have you heard that writing is a lonely profession? I suppose that’s true – the writing itself tends to be a solitary pursuit. … Continue reading

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Do I Really Need an Editor for My Book?

Do I Really Need an Editor for My Book? by Jake Poinier   Earlier this year, I held a seminar about writing and publishing for a local group of business professionals and I was somewhat stunned when one of the … Continue reading

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