Meet Rita Goldner, creator of “Jackson’s Adventure Series”

Meet Rita Goldner, creator of “Jackson’s Adventure Series”

by Rita Goldner 

Hi, book lovers!

Today’s my birthday, so it’s a time to tally up what I’ve accomplished in the past year. All this reminiscing gives birth to new goals for the coming year. Although I’ll admit I’m plagued with “Old Dog, New Tricks Syndrome,” I still impressed myself with what I have learned from several sources, including meetings of the Phoenix Publishing and Book Promotion Meetup.

Goldner - Oct 1I’m an author and illustrator of children’s picture books, and though I have been advised by experts in the field to pick either writing or illustrating, not both, I’m having way too much fun with both to give up either. This illustration is a page from an eBook I just finished, Jackson’s Aviation Adventure. It’s about a boy who loves painting, and uses it to explore subjects like history and science. Here he is at Kitty Hawk, painting the Wright Brothers’ first flight.

I’ve patterned the protagonist after (and dedicated the book to) kids who find a different way to learn. This is the second in a series. I finished the first a year ago, and my agenda for the coming year is to finish the third. Phoenix Book Publishing and Promotion, with self-assigned tasks we all announce at the Meetups, has kept my feet to the fire, my nose to the grindstone, and my shoulder to the wheel. Maybe an uncomfortable way to write, but it has worked for me!


Rita Goldner is the author of the children’s eBooks Jackson’s History Adventure and Rita GoldnerJackson’s Aviation Adventure, both titles in Jackson’s Adventure Series. Presently, Rita is reformatting Jackson’s History Adventure for Amazon, so it also will be readable on many popular tablets/computers. To view additional illustrations and other books in progress, visit Rita’s website. Contact Rita here.

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