Three Kick Ass Steps to Getting Through Mercury Retrograde

Three Kick Ass Steps to Getting Through Mercury Retrograde

by Alicia Fields

So what in the heck is Mercury Retrograde and what does it have to do with

Relief of the god, Mercury

Relief of the god, Mercury

me? you may be asking. Mercury retrograde occurs when, from Earth’s perspective, the planet Mercury appears to slow down and then move backwards. It doesn’t actually move backwards – it’s just an optical illusion. However the movement of that little planet seems to wreak havoc on our lives, especially if you’re paying attention. It runs from October 4th – 25th, but you may have started feeling the effects as much as a week prior, and they can last as long as a week after, as well. The good news is that this is the final retrograde for the year.

During this time, in an astrological sense, Mercury moves from the water signs into the air signs, or from feelings into thoughts. This is a time of transition from reflection moving into action. So how can you harness the energy of this apparent reversal to your benefit?

If you’re like me until a few years ago, such a question might have never crossed your radar. Perhaps you followed astrology predictions with diluted interest here and there. Since I have begun following and connecting with my wild self, I have started paying attention to the moon’s cycles and women’s strong ties to the moon (hello, menstrual cycle!) But I believe men have strong lunar connections, too. I have started tracking the seasons and my body’s reactions to them. Even the cycles of day and night have profound effects on our bodies. That being said, I have noticed the subtler energies of the planets and stars affecting us as well. You can believe this is all a bunch of hooey, or you can acknowledge that things are a bit wacky at the moment, which just might be due to the fact that we’re all connected intimately to our environment and the universe!

Kick-Ass Steps for Dealing with Retrograde

  1. Hide the whole time. OK, that’s just unreasonable, as I realize that most of us work, but Mercury Retrograde is a great time to turn into a hermit and cuddle up in your favorite cave. Mine is my bed with lots of covers and my laptop, or a great book (or five) and some tea or bulletproof coffee. It’s an amazing time to turn inward – get feminine – whatever that means to you. Be pensive, slow down, learn meditation, do some yoga, again slow down. The world will wait for you – after all it’s your life!
  1. Nourish yourself. Get rid of things that no longer serve you, whether it’s the junk in your house, from old clothes, junk possessions, to junk food. Mercury Retrograde is very supportive of going back in time in your closet, your pantry, your life. Going back and getting rid of old clothes is one of my favorite things to do. Haven’t worn those neon yellow hot pants since the 80s?  Maybe it’s time to get rid of them. Want a better diet? Go into that pantry and get rid of the junk – you know exactly what I’m talking about. Take some time to be at peace with yourself. What does that look like to you? How do you want to feel? Give yourself that feeling by clearing out room in your life and your head!
  1. Have some fun. This is always my mantra. Don’t focus on the failing computers or irate people you come into contact with (or become) at times. Don’t focus on the individual things that are happening; rather, focus on how you feel during this time and don’t resist it. What does your body want to do? Do you want to play, sleep, take a break? We become more aware of the inner workings of our mind during Mercury Retrograde, and those who don’t meditate may notice the chatter of the mind. Meditation can be a powerful tool to combat this, if you can find a meditation practice that is fun for you. Play, dance, sing, play an instrument, anything that is fun for you, personally. Take some time for you and you alone. If something comes up from the past (e.g., old ideas or relationships) use the time to reflect, because it is clearly coming up for a reason. Then put a positive spin on it and move forward. Feel free to release it when you’re done examining it. After working with anything serious, play – this helps release the energy and transform it into something great!

Take notice of all that’s going on: tune in and turn on to the amazingness that is you! If you start paying attention to the cycles that surround you, you can direct your own life, becoming the master of your life, the captain of your ship instead of a passenger or victim. As humans, we are still so strongly tied to the earth, the moon, and the universe. Connecting those cycles with your own can make you a powerful force to be reckoned with. Take this time of introversion and contemplation to notice the cycles that are occurring, and tune into them. If you take the three steps mentioned, you will come out victorious.

Here’s to celebrating Mercury Retrograde!


Alicia H. Fields is the author of the upcoming book Wild Wellness which will offer more Alicia Fieldsinsights like this about getting your body and life functioning to their highest levels using the natural cycles of the earth. Alicia enjoys Harley riding, and is a nature loving wild woman and creator of Wild Wellness, the companion blog site for women that teaches how living instinctually and connected to nature will lead to amazing and fulfilled lives. Alicia is happiest teaching yoga, essential oils, giving tarot readings, playing with her myriad of rescue creatures and being a backyard farmer with her partner, Mr. Amazing. Currently she is a life coach, master level yoga therapist, tarot card reader and Desire Map book club leader. You can find her at or on Facebook


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