Explore the Unfamiliar

Explore the Unfamiliar

 by Deborah Tosline

Hard hat, check. Steel toe boots, check. Rock hammer, check. Computer and references, check. My day-to-day writing universe consists of hydrogeologic technical reports. Transforming my informational, fact-checking, analytical writing Beautiful young woman applying organic cosmetics to her skinstyle into an interesting nonfiction book is a challenge on its own. Choosing to write on a topic I pursue as a hobby, with no formal education, forces me to explore the unfamiliar and makes my brain fire new neurons. It pushes my mental boundaries.

I recently completed my first book, Skin Remodeling – An Introduction to the Underground World of Do-It-Yourself Skin Care and Techniques to Achieve Awesome Skin. That title is subject to revision. About 5 years ago, I decided to write a pamphlet to sell at skincare seminars. Four years later, the pamphlet has morphed into a 130-page book with 70 images

I reread and redraw and prepare my manuscript for ebook publishing while self-doubts haunt me and taunt me to stop. Maybe you know these self-doubts: Who am I to write a book? How can I write about a topic with no formal education on the subject? And on and on. I appease the self-doubter by telling her that it doesn’t matter if the book sells, what’s most important is to finish. The self-doubter accepts this and momentarily retreats while I spend another late night at my computer, making minor progress before I have to direct my brainpower toward my full-time job.

The thing is, I would love to transition to a writing career in my retirement. Ah, to spend days in isolation, researching and organizing. Is it possible for me to make this happen? Completing my first book tells me that it is, and that I have the perseverance to write – but is my book worth reading? The self-doubter lurks.

I kidnap the self-doubter. I take her to the spa and tell her, “Relax. It’s on me.” I sneak away while she is in the steam room and Google “hyperlinked tables of contents” and watch YouTube videos that describe how to make bullet points, hoping to make some progress before the self-doubter emerges from her spa day. For now, I win.

Deborah Tosline is a hydrogeologist and a lifelong do-it-yourselfer with a penchant for research and health. This combination of attributes, combined with three decades of Deborah Toslineself-prescribed skincare, led Deborah to the underground world of do-it-yourself techniques that can remodel and transform your skin. Much of the information available on skincare Internet forums and in medical journals is now summarized in Deborah’s soon-to-be-published book. These techniques won’t eliminate aging, but they will help you maintain the best skin possible. At 55, Deborah has pursued a path of healthy living, including 27 years walking 4 miles per day 6 days a week or the equivalent; eating vegetarian for 23 years and converting to pescatarian 14 years ago; keeping an all-organic home for 24 years; and so much more. Deborah loves to talk, research, write, live, and share all things health related.

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2 Responses to Explore the Unfamiliar

  1. patriciaacox says:

    If this post is any example of how you take nonfiction and make it interesting and entertaining, your book is sure to be a hit. You’re a testament to your own research since you were brave enough to post your age – I would have subtracted at least ten years from any guess I would’ve made. Don’t stop writing (and turn that self-doubter into a muse and try fiction, PLEASE).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Deborah Tosline says:

    Thank you Patricia! 🙂


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