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Biography or Romance?

Biography or Romance? by Eduardo Cerviño   I am a curious man, and by conventional measurements, an educated person. Like most readers, I know a bit about almost everything and a lot about a few things – above all, my … Continue reading

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Blog Food for the Culinary Challenged

Blog Food for the Culinary Challenged by C.K. Thomas   In the not so distant past, while serving as “Master Chef in Charge of Family Dinners,” I often sang the refrain, “What will I fix for dinner?” No matter how … Continue reading

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A do-it-yourself success story: Passive rainwater harvesting

A do-it-yourself success story: Passive rainwater harvesting by Deborah Tosline   This is a true story about a typical water-guzzling lawn carpet in the front yard of a Phoenix, Arizona, home that transitioned from grass to dirt to swales to … Continue reading

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A Thanksgiving “Writing” Project

A Thanksgiving “Writing” Project by Rebecca Joy   Here’s a fun idea found on to help celebrate Thanksgiving with your family and friends. It’ll bring out that creative and thankful writer in everyone! Create a Thankful Tablecloth Get a … Continue reading

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Strengthening the scenes in your fiction

Strengthening the scenes in your fiction by Ellen Buikema This post is based on notes I took during Susan Pohlman’s talk at the 2014 Southwest Valley Writers Conference about creating an effective scene. Every scene services the journey; it moves … Continue reading

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Selling a Book by Your “Bare-Naked” Self

Selling a Book by Your “Bare-Naked” Self by Mary Ellen Stepanich, Ph.D.   In my self-published memoir, D is for Dysfunctional…and Doo Wop, I recount how I was raised in a poor family by a dysfunctional mother who value-programmed me … Continue reading

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Business body language – Where do I start?

Business body language – Where do I start? by Barbara Chatkel   When you look at a person in a business context, what do you focus on first? Most people answer “the face” or “the eyes.” And there’s a reason … Continue reading

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