What My Heart Wants Me to Hear

What My Heart Wants Me to Hear

by Robert Bloom

I woke up this morning draped in sadness, and it’s lingering. I have no idea why I’m lovefeeling this way. When I ask my heart, it tells me that sadness is in the wind today. “The winds of change are always blowing. Sometimes there is joy in the breeze, sometimes anguish. Life is a kaleidoscope, always turning, always changing. Resist not what you’re feeling. Allow it to blow through you like wind across the landscape.”

“But I don’t like feeling this way!” I shout back. “I want to feel safe. I want to feel loved. I want to feel useful, like my life serves a purpose.”

“If today gives you sadness,” my heart answers, “Then taste the sweet sadness. Let your tears flow.”

“That doesn’t make me much of a man, now does it?” I ask in response.

“You believe yourself to be a man when, in fact, you are the universe contemplating being a man. Can you not feel that inside yourself?”

“I don’t know,” says the universe pretending to be a man. “Right now I just feel like a man.”

“What does that feel like?” my heart inquires.

“It feels heavy, like I’m carrying a burden. My chest feels heavy. I feel something in my throat. It feels tight, like a boulder has rolled into place.”

“Would you like that boulder removed?” she whispers.

“Yes, I would. How do I do that?”

“It’s not up to you, love. It’s up to God. Be willing to give the boulder to God and see what takes its place. Release any expectations. If the boulder remains, make peace with the boulder’s being there. If it slides away, welcome whatever appears in its place. The burden you feel is the burden of believing that your life belongs to you. It does not. You belong to life.”

“Thank you, dear heart,” I reply. “I choose to let this burden go.”

“That is a wise decision. There’s no reason to take ownership of the burdens you feel. Just because they appear from time to time doesn’t make them yours. They belong to no one.”


Author Robert Bloom is an ordinary guy who surrendered to his spiritual calling and Robert Bloomgained a few powerful insights along the way. He believes that the difficulties we face in life aren’t meant to brutalize or defeat us; rather, they’re meant to liberate our spirit. Understanding forgiveness is the key. Learn more about Robert and his book at his website, TheUniversalKeys.com.  

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2 Responses to What My Heart Wants Me to Hear

  1. Politics follows a tidal flow. Sometime it flows in one direction. Then something – the moon, an earth tremor … the flutter of a butterfly’s wings … makes it change direction. I think you’ll see another tidal shift come 2016.

    In the meantime (shameless plug) you can cry about politics or laugh at it. I chose to laugh, which is why I wrote The Cactus Caucus.


  2. Tyger Gilbert says:

    Feeling sad when you wake up is an indication of depression. Or, it might mean you are still tired and need more sleep. A heaviness in your chest could indicate an impending heart attack. You might consider a discussion with your doctor instead of the entire universe.


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