The Moon Is Calling – Three Steps to Using the Full Moon’s Energy

The Moon Is Calling – Three Steps to Using the Full Moon’s Energy

by Alicia Fields

It was a full moon at 3:15 p.m. on November 6, 2014. At the earliest time you may be reading this, the moon will be starting its slow waning process until the new moon on the 22nd of November. Some of us notice her passing through her cycles, while others pay no attention until some “weird” things happen, and then they blame it on the full moon. Statistics reports offer no difference in medical calls, fires, and disturbances during this time.


So why all the hubbub about the full moon? Personally, I believe it’s because we’re all a little more sensitive during the full moon and the new moon. We are, after all, animals – something we try to ignore most of the time – but we do notice the cycles of nature from time to time, whether we are truly aware or not. But what if you could use the changing cycles of the moon for your benefit?

To those in the astrological and mystical realm, full moons offer a time of letting go, but you can jump right on that bandwagon to help yourself out. You can create your own ceremony or ritual and harness the power of the heavens, or at least borrow it while it’s still juicy.

Step 1. Acknowledge what you need to release. We all have material, spiritual, mental, and physical junk we could let go of, and we know it. You don’t have to have a plan just yet, but you do have to become aware of what it is you need to let go. Write it down, as journaling is powerful.

Step 2. Choose ONE thing you would like to release: your junk drawer, your closet, anger you’re holding onto for someone, ties to an energy vampire, that last five pounds. The importance here is simplicity. Don’t try to do it all at once; just pick one thing. Trying to do too much gets us all in a lot of trouble and creates stress, and I’m sure you need less of that, not more. This process will help you do more with less stress.

Step 3. Do the work. I highly recommend a full moon ceremony, as the universe loves ceremony. This doesn’t have to be some big, crazy, woo-woo, dance-naked-under-the-moonlight ceremony unless you want that. What is important is to make it special and sacred for you. Here are some ideas:

  • light a candle
  • pray
  • burn incense
  • do some yoga
  • chant a mantra
  • write your intention and then burn it (safely)
  • have a bonfire
  • light your fire pit
  • meditate
  • break out the tarot cards to get some clarity
  • make a crystal grid
  • call that therapist, healer, dentist, curandera you’ve been putting off
  • invite some friends and have a full moon party

Then get to work!

You have 16 days to do your work before the new moon closes this cycle. Whatever you have chosen, start working on it! If it’s to clean out your closet, maybe this weekend is a good time. Put it on your calendar and get to it. If you want to lose weight, plan your meal plans and exercise schedule today – heck, why not right now? If it’s to release anger, call up that therapist, tarot reader, or awesome friend who’s really skilled at forgiveness. Use the letting-go energy of the full moon to carry you to your goal.

Even if you have no idea where to begin, simply putting the intention out into the universe will start the process of release for you. Things will show up in your life you weren’t expecting. Just take the first baby step toward whatever you need to release. Using the power of the full moon can be a powerful goal-achieving tool. Heck, you have the cosmos on your side! How much more powerful does it get than that?!

Alicia H. Fields
is the author of the upcoming book,
Wild Wellness, which will give you Alicia Fieldsmore insights like this about getting your body and life functioning to their highest levels, using the natural cycles of the earth. Alicia is a nature loving wild woman and creator of Wild Wellness, a business site for women that teaches how living intuitively and connected to nature will lead to an amazing and fulfilled life. Alicia is a master level yoga therapy teacher and wellness coach, Desire Map facilitator, essential oils instructor, tarot reader, animal rescuer, and backyard farmer with her partner, Mr. Amazing. You can find her at or on Facebook

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1 Response to The Moon Is Calling – Three Steps to Using the Full Moon’s Energy

  1. Alicia, what a wonderful article. There is no limit to the power of decision, intention, and action. Well done!


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