The Power of the Group: 60+ authors come together for Holiday Author Event on Dec 6

The Power of the Group: 60+ authors come together for Holiday Author Event on Dec 6

by Laura Orsini

Virtually every author who wants to sell books at least contemplates book signings. There are most definitely pros and cons.

It’s an opportunity to promote your books. You’re never sure which way is up. “I’ll be in Santa Fe tomorrow – no, wait, San Jose. Santa Fe is next weekend.”
It’s a chance to meet your fans in a personal, intimate setting. It means trying to work around the rest of your life (job, family, errands).
It’s an opportunity to test out new material. “If you sign it, they will come” is most definitely not guaranteed.
Planned correctly, it’s a tax write-off. Up-front costs can add up quickly.

Some authors choose to pursue signings, while others view them as too much work, effort, shopping-bagexpense. In considering all the trouble so many Phoenix-area authors go to in pursuit of book signing opportunities, I began to again see the possibilities for the power of the group, and thus the Summer Author Event was born. In August, 33 local authors came together for the first of what I hope will be many Indie Author Events. The next – the Holiday Author Event – is coming up on Dec. 6th in Downtown Phoenix at The Pressroom. We’ve upleveled things for the December event, and have nearly 70 authors participating.

Perhaps the biggest reason these meet-and-greet/book signing events succeed is because the authors take so much ownership for promoting them. We produced postcards and media releases for every author, and most are making great use of them. As a marketer, I value metrics, so I made sure to survey all the August attendees to find out how they learned about the event. About 40 percent of them attended because they heard about the event from or were invited by one of the participating authors. I’m guessing from the numbers of early registrations that the same will be true for the Dec. 6th event.

It’s the power of the group at work again!

If you’re in the Phoenix area, please plan to join us on December 6th for this festive event. We’ll have authors in many genres:

GenresBesides authors with books galore, we’ll have:

The first 200 who register will receive goody bags with swag from the participating authors, so mark your calendar and be sure to stop by, say hello, and knock a few book lovers off your shopping list!


LAURA ORSINI is a self-publishing consultant who works with authors who want to LO picchange the world. From concept to publication to the first-time author’s book launch, her expertise will help you make a better book and find more readers. Laura is the organizer of the Phoenix Publishing and Book Promotion Meetup and the host and creator of the Holiday Author Event, coming up on December 6. She will be exploring more about the power of the group in her coming posts for this group blog. In the meantime, read her posts at Marcie Brock – Book Marketing Maven. Friend her on Facebook, follow her on Twitter, and check out her pins on Pinterest.

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