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Make Frog Noises

 Make Frog Noises by Patricia Grady Cox You will be reading this on New Year’s Eve, and I’ll be on my way to the Boot Drop on Whiskey Row in Prescott. It’s a night for looking back and looking forward. … Continue reading

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Cuban Decembers

Cuban Decembers By Eduardo Cervino UNCLE FELIX occupies my memory files’ oldest folder. When I open it, his tall, dark image rises in my mind, slender but strong like a fishing rod. His hazel eyes reflect the nobility of his … Continue reading

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Choosing a Genre and Sticking to It

Choosing a Genre and Sticking to It by C.K. Thomas I think some authors might agree that it’s hard to set limits when classifying our work. I’ve finally settled on Women’s Contemporary Fiction as the genre for The Arrowstar Series. … Continue reading

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Do-It-Yourself Gratitude High

Do-It-Yourself Gratitude High by Deborah Tosline I love to walk. I love nature. The synergy of the two is joy. The day whizzes by with emails, meetings, calculations, budgets, letters, pending and impromptu tasks, and brief conversations. The watchful drive … Continue reading

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Consider a BOOK READ as a great way to promote your book in 2015!

Consider a BOOK READ as a great way to promote your book in 2015! by Rebecca Joy As we approach the new year, what creative ideas do you have in mind to further promote your book? Have you ever considered … Continue reading

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The Power of the Group: Collaborating on your 2015 book marketing goals

The Power of the Group: Collaborating on your 2015 book marketing goals by Laura Orsini GROUP: A group is any identifiable collection of people. This could be formal or informal. The important thing is they have a clear identity. The … Continue reading

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Getting (Them) to Know You

Getting (Them) to Know You by Mary Ellen Stepanich In the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical The King and I, there’s a delightful song that expresses an important element in building relationships, “Getting to Know You.” Getting to know you, getting … Continue reading

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A Body Language Take on the Holidays

A Body Language Take on the Holidays by Barbara Chatzkel, The Body Language Pro It is nearly certain that during the holiday season you will either be a part of or get to observe a family – or large group … Continue reading

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Overcoming Writer’s Block … with a Holiday Twist

Overcoming Writer’s Block … with a Holiday Twist by Ellen C. Buikema Sometimes life becomes too busy and distraction is needed. Realizing the holidays are quickly approaching, I thought it might be amusing to have some word play, hence this … Continue reading

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Nobody’s A No-Body

Nobody’s A No-Body by Marie Grace The dirt has crusted on his flesh as he lies beneath the cardboard box, his only shelter. The box is damp and his frail body trembles as it shivers with the cold beating into … Continue reading

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