A Blog by Any Other Name …

A Blog by Any Other Name …

… still takes a certain amount of time!

by Tyger Gilbert

Some months ago, within the last five years, I guess, I saw a cartoon strip in the newspaper that sort of expressed how I feel about “blogging.” The character, an old lady of about my generation, was writing in a notebook. Her daughter asked what she was doing. “I’m writing in my journal,” she replied.to blog or not

The daughter said, “That’s called ‘a blog’ on the Internet. You should get yourself a blog and become a ‘blogger.’”

“Oh, my no!” the woman responded. “I wouldn’t want to be something that sounds like it came out of my nose!”

I’ve been a professional writer for decades, now. Not as a book author, but as an advertising copy writer for my ad agency. I couldn’t afford to write only when I felt inspired. When a client needed a newspaper ad, a brochure, or a sales booklet, I had to create it as soon as I could. This meant not only writing the text, but also designing the layout, taking the photos or drawing the illustrations, specifying the typesetting, and doing the final paste-up for the printer, newspaper, or magazine. And it all had to be done well. That was all part of the definition of being a professional.

I joined the Meetup group to learn more about social media marketing for a publication. I had decided to use some of the thousands of travel and wildlife photos I have taken over the last 15 years to create a magazine, Arizona Vacations Magazine. I want to expose more people to images of the spectacularly beautiful scenic locations and the amazing plants and animals in Arizona, all in the hopes of getting them to want to vacation here. Promoting products and services through advertising and PR have been regular parts of my life, but I figured I could stand to learn more about social media from someone who obviously has a lot more experience with it.

Becoming a Blogger

One of the things I was told that is very important is to establish a blog on the web and to write something in it every couple of days or so. Yeah, right!  I’m supposed to write “a blog entry” (which I would prefer to call “a web article”) every other day. That is in addition to writing 15 to 20 magazine articles and doing the production layout and design of my publication every five to six weeks. And this is in addition to designing and programming my website, hiring and managing sales people, creating magazine ads for clients, and then promoting it all through both online and traditional advertising and public relations methods. Is that it?


Whether it’s for a book or a magazine, that’s what successful authors and publishers do, I’m told. Since I do want to be successful at my writing and publishing – it’s what I imagine in my dreams and think about every day – then that is exactly what I am going to. I have to, and I believe I can. After all, though I may not be willing to call myself a “blogger,” I AM a professional writer. I just have to commit to organizing my life to accomplish these tasks regularly, and then that success I want will follow. Yeah, that I can believe.

Tyger Gilbert is the Editor and Publisher of
Arizona Vacations Magazine. “Photography is Tyger Gilberta good medium of expression for me because I approach it with an artist’s eye. I specialize in natural art, scenics, and nature and wildlife photography for travel and tourism.” He shot more than 32,000 photos in 2011, almost 19,000 in 2012 and about 22,000 in 2013, and finished up roughly 10 percent of them overall. Tyger’s objectives are to take great photos of the fascinating plants and creatures and the many beautiful places that still exist in Arizona and show these pictures to as many people as he can. Reach him at Publisher@ArizonaVacationsMagazine.com, Box 26832 • Phoenix, AZ 85068, 602-997-0088 or 888-678-9437, toll free.

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