Appreciate the Blues Away!

Appreciate the Blues Away!

by Robert Bloom

“Wow! They have my favorite brand of toilet paper.”

I’ve discovered a magic pill that can pull me out of a funky mood, almost in an instant! It’s called appreciation, and, unlike most prescribed medications, it doesn’t come with any nasty side effects. I take it first thing in the morning, then again a few times throughout the day, and I rarely, if ever, find myself descending into a murky mind! It can be as small a dose as feeling thanks for the warm blanket I’m buried under or the hot shower and coffee I’ll be enjoying in just a few moments.

Appreciation is an attitude that gives thanks and recognizes the value that exists all around us. It’s also an attitude that provokes an increase in value. When you appreciate something or someone, you immediately begin to experience them as having more value, and you treat them accordingly. Giving appreciation makes you a richer person. Things that are appreciated grow, whereas things that are taken for granted typically wither and die, over time.

Consider your relationships, for example. Have you taken the time to appreciate your friends and family lately? How about your romantic partner? What about all the people who do things for you, many of whom you’ll never see, like the person who drives the food truck or delivers the gas. If you look around the space you’re in right now, just imagine how many hands took part in bringing it to you!

Have you spent time today appreciating the roof over your head, or all the people it takes to put food on your table? What about the job? It’s often easy to complain about work, but are there aspects that you can find to appreciate. What about the petty tyrants in your life? Can you find something to appreciate about them? Even if it’s something really small, like the nice shoes they’re wearing or that they chew with their mouths closed, your attitude toward each other may very well soften.

Some of my favorite things to appreciate in life are the challenges. That’s right! I cultivate an attitude of appreciation for the challenges I encounter, because I know a little secret. The challenges that find me on my path aren’t there to beat me up or brutalize me. It’s just the opposite. They’re meant to assist me in illuminating and developing my unique gifts and talents. They’re meant to help me learn and grow.

Once I feel a sense of appreciation for a challenge, I begin asking myself questions. What can I learn from this? Who else is having this kind of problem? What can I do? Where’s the opportunity? It’s all a mindset, isn’t it?

This holiday season, why not give the gift of appreciation everywhere you go? The ripple effect will multiply your gift many times over! Giving appreciation makes you feel good! It increases the value of everything it’s given to. It makes you richer. It makes others feel good and it costs you nothing! All you have to do is pay a little attention!

Happy Holidays!
Robert Bloom

_______________Robert Bloom
Author Robert Bloom is an ordinary guy who surrendered to his spiritual calling and gained a few powerful insights along the way. He believes that the difficulties we face in life aren’t meant to brutalize or defeat us; rather, they’re meant to liberate our spirit. Understanding forgiveness is the key. Learn more about Robert and his book at his website,  

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1 Response to Appreciate the Blues Away!

  1. Marcie Brock says:

    I LOVE this post! The power of gratitude is one of the most amazing things ever – and we can so easily harness it. Bob, you captured so well how I feel about the myriad reasons we have to give thanks daily. Thank YOU for sharing this thoughtful reminder! Laura O (aka Marcie Brock)


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