Survive and Thrive Through the Full Moon and Holiday Season

Survive and Thrive Through the Full Moon and Holiday Season

by Alicia H. Fields

The energy of the full moon on the 6th is still very powerful. Have you had several days of adversity? Are you rushing madly about to prepare for the holiday season? Parties, family, special events – all kinds of things are vying for your attention this month. So how are you handling it? Recently I have been noticing the crazy energy and getting a bit caught up in it myself.


The way you do anything is the way you do everything.

The more that I think about this saying, the more I know it to be true. Say what? It’s true – think about how you do something, say go to work. Do you freak out every morning, rushing around trying to put food in your face, grabbing stuff, forgetting stuff, letting your life run you around on auto pilot? Or do you prepare the night before, so you’re ready and you have time for your coffee and you head out the door smiling? This could be a HUGE insight into how you run your life. We don’t often look at the patterns in our lives, but once you identify them, you will see them everywhere. This is half the battle – just realizing what you do will help you to change it, if you want to, improve it, or heck – just realize you’re damn perfect just as you are!

If you run around frantically, you are doing all kinds of damage to your poor body, including pumping stress hormones that put your body into near-constant fight-or-flight mode. If you start to notice even the small things, how you wake up, what are you thinking when you get up, what do you do next (e.g., Are you on autopilot or conscious about what you’re doing next?), you can start to make amazing changes in your life. So why not start now, at one of the craziest times of the year?

Here is an excellent grounding technique that can help you survive the holidays:

Take three deep breaths. Before you do, close your eyes and tune into your breath. With each exhalation, exhale a bit deeper and feel into your body where those breaths are originating. Once you are done, recall something wonderful that happened to you, remembering the tastes, smells, sights, whatever was happening, in as much detail as possible. Then, most importantly, notice how your body feels right now. Describe those sensations to yourself: light, buoyant, expansive, happy, free? Where in your body do you feel those sensations? Really anchor those feelings in your body, and remember that feeling.

Now go for the opposite. Think of something really awful that happened to you. Again, bring it back to your memory as vividly as possible: the scene, the people, the sights – really remember what happened. When you have it clearly in your mind, feel into your body. How does it feel now? Dark, heavy, nauseous, contracted, etc.? Where in your body do you feel it? OK – now quickly bring back the happy memory you practiced earlier to clear that bad one! Congratulations! You are now well on your way to finding your path. What you just did in this exercise is how you should make every decision. Give each side a name (e.g., “expanded” for the positive and “contracted” for the negative). Then look for that feeling when you make your choices.

You want to make decisions by following the positive feeling, not the negative one. So when you are faced with a decision, feel into your body and let your body be your guide for which answer or choice is best for you. Go with the positive feeling, the expanded feeling, or whichever word you choose to describe it. Is it always this simple? Yes – but that doesn’t mean it is easy. Choosing to follow your heart seldom is, but it is SO WORTH IT. And it’s especially helpful and wonderful for this particularly busy time of year.

Remember, there’s magic in the air, and it should be all about love. Follow those feelings to a life of gold. I hope the presents you get this time of year include gifts of self-love, expansion, and comfort. Until next year, Namaste!


Alicia H. Fields is the author of the upcoming book Wild Wellness, where you will get Alicia Fieldsmore insights like this about getting your body and life functioning at its highest level, using the natural cycles of the earth. Alicia is a nature loving wild woman and creator of Wild Wellness, the business site for women that teaches how living intuitively and connected to nature will lead to an amazing and fulfilled life. Alicia is a master level yoga therapy teacher and wellness coach, Desire Map facilitator, essential oils instructor, tarot reader, animal rescuer, and backyard farmer with her partner, Mr. Amazing. You can find her at or on Facebook at

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