Google Yourself

Google Yourself

by T.M. Williams

Face it: as an author, you’re going to be Google’d. Whether it’s because someone is google yourselfsearching for your book, a jealous friend is trying to see how successful you really are, or a beloved reader just wants to learn more about you. You’ll get searched for reasons across the board. So, if people are searching you, doesn’t it make sense to search yourself as well?

This is what you should see: You should see your website as the very first or second post. Then, you should see your name appearing on other blogs (for good reasons), news articles, press-releases, and events.

google results*TIP: Cookies will make it appear as if you’re the first thing you see because your browser remembers who you are. Try logging out and deleting your cookies before doing a search to see the authentic results.*

What you should not see is anyone else’s information instead of yours. If you do, that means you aren’t popular enough – at least on Google. That’s OK though, because I’m going to give you some steps you can take to change that. If you do see your own information, congrats! But, keep reading anyway, because we want to keep it that way.

Follow these bullet points to improve your name ranking on Google

  • Do guest appearances on blogs (sort of like what I’m doing on this group blog). The more other sites that link to your sites, the higher your ranking will be.
  • Share your site as much as possible. The more people who click on your site, click through your site, and stay on the pages – the better your ranking will be. It used to be that just clicking on a site improved its ranking, but now all three factors contribute to the algorithm.
  • Make your sites appealing. It’s one thing to have friends and family clicking on your site, but your goal is to have hundreds of thousands of people visiting your sites to look you up. If your site is outdated, never updated, doesn’t share fun compelling information, or just looks drab, you’re shooting yourself in the foot!
  • Send out news releases. Yes, you can do this yourself. There are a few sites that will publish online news releases for a nominal fee. This is well worth doing!
  • Write e-zine articles. As an author, you’re perfectly capable of writing an article or two. You just need to learn the style, if you haven’t done so yet. Approach it the same way you did writing your book(s). Have a critique partner, a beta reader, and/or an expert read over your articles to make sure they contain valuable content that is well written and grammatically correct, and then publish them to different webzines. The more people see you as the expert, the more drawn they will be to purchasing your book and looking up your other links.

We all learn that networking helps us grow and progress. Google rankings is a good way to see how good an online networker you are. Your results won’t happen overnight, but they’ll come.

T.M. Williams is a novelist, speaker, and entrepreneur. She has started successful TM Williamsbusinesses, created and sold brands, created training programs for large direct-selling teams, and won multiple awards in sales and marketing. She’s the published author of several books, primarily focusing on horror. She began her writing career late in 2012 when she accidentally discovered her passion for storytelling, earning her nickname: The Accidental Writer. She was picked up by a small press publisher in 2013 and has since gone on to write 7 novels and 6 short-stories, 2 of which became bestsellers. Williams is currently signed with AZ Publishing Services and continues her ventures in the business and marketing world. She resides in Arizona with her husband and son

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  1. bethkoz says:

    Good advice, TM. Thanks!


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