Dog-Eared Pages supports Phoenix’s indie authors

Dog-Eared Pages supports Phoenix’s indie authors

by Lori Beasley Bradley

I visited a local used book store this week: Dog-Eared Pages, 16428 N. 32nd Street, Phoenix 85032. I had heard about this store and contacted them about carrying my book. The owner was very nice and invited me up to see the store, but I’d been putting it off, as it is a ways from my home in Glendale. But after hearing good things about the store at the Holiday Author Event, I decided to visit.

Dog-eared pages

I had books in my car and took two copies with me into the store. It is a lovely store, and the owner, Melanie Tighe, is very friendly and receptive. I pulled my book out to show her, and she immediately handed it to a customer at the counter, telling her it sounded like the sort of thing she’d like. The customer happily added it to her order and asked me to autograph it. I was very excited.

I ended up spending three-and-a-half hours there, chatting about books and writing.

As indie authors, we are always looking for new outlets receptive to our books. Dog-Eared Pages is willing to carry our books, even placing them right up at the front of the store! The store also offers writers’ workshops and other writing-related events like book signings for indie authors.

I think it would be a good idea for all of us to patronize this establishment and recommend it to our friends and families. We are indie authors, and they are an indie book store – so it should be a symbiotic relationship. This store does not charge authors to carry their books, either. Just trying to pay it forward a little here.

PLEASE NOTE: Lori Beasley Bradley typically publishes on the 4th of the month, but we had an opening, so she stepped up to keep us blogging!

____________________Lori Beasley Bradley
Lori is beginning a new project she is calling The Soiled Dove Sagas. It will be a three-book series about two young women who find themselves taking up prostitution as a way to make a living in the 1870s. Lori’s first book is The Legend of the Swamp Witch. Follow Lori on Facebook or email her at

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