Nobody’s A No-Body

Nobody’s A No-Body

by Marie Grace

The dirt has crusted on his flesh as he lies beneath the cardboard box, his only shelter. The box is damp and his frail body trembles as it shivers with the cold beating into his soul. His mind is cloudy from the drugs that his being seems to require as night falls. A fleeting question brushes through his mind: Can my head explode? He tips the small bottle up to his lips again, and chokes down the stolen rest, hoping he can soon have lights out for even a few hours, and a bit of ease from the needle-sharp pain in his extremities. He hopes that nightmares won’t trigger law enforcement to check on his condition. Many die in this state, carted off like old pieces of baggage. His tongue is swollen, and words fail him. The stench would keep a skunk away.


Ever know someone in such a condition? I have, and it’s not pretty. Yet God loved him. Why could God not find someone to be His hands? Why do we seem to care so little for others? Jesus died for him, too!

A once successful businessman, managing a large real estate company, he and his family attended church every Sunday and never failed to help someone in need. He was even known to stop to help a motorist along the road fix a flat. But, eventually his attention turned to greed and what money would buy. Sin takes you deeper than you ever intended to go! Lots of people do not know how to handle money, and when they receive or earn extra, they become money – heartily. The money controls them, not the other way around, as it should be. People misquote 1 Timothy 6:10; it does not say that money is the root of all evil. It says the love of money is the root of all evil, how it is esteemed or used.

Instead of going home in evenings, the gentleman would go have “a drink” with his coworkers, spending money like water, bein’ the Big Shot. Then “a drink” would increase in number until he became inebriated, and his gentle spirit would become aggressive, even violent. He sank lower and lower into the pit. His lovely wife had no choice but to force him to leave the home for their children’s safety – and her own. He lost his job.

At first, my thoughts were: It serves him right, after what he’s done. But the Lord kept working on me. I’m so glad to know that if I don’t quit, God won’t quit on me.

Sadly, law enforcement found him stiff and cold early one morning, curled up in his sagging box. He had succumbed to death.

Instead of censoring him, I should have been praying for him. As a woman, it would be foolhardy to go down into the slums by myself, but I could have taken a couple of good Christian men from church with me to minister to this poor soul. He’s lost forever now. If I hadn’t been so into myself, I might have had a small part in this poor Nobody’s life, and there might have been a different outcome than the one he experienced.

At this special time of Christmas, do you know a Nobody who needs prayer or an extended hand? Satan is roaming the earth right now, seeking those he might devour. Will you listen to the soft, gentle voice of the Holy Spirit and pray for some Nobody who passes through your space? He could be the next Supreme Court Judge to help right the world.


Marie Grace has authored Thoughts Aplenty and the Mystery Mountain series. She has been writing since second grade, including poems, mini-sermons, plays, and songs. “I Marie Gracelove the mountains, adventure, mystery and romance,” Grace explains. “My Mystery Mountain series has all of it. From repelling straight down a 300 foot canyon wall to rescue a fallen toddler from coyotes to a brave mountain man crawling into a burning and collapsing mobile home to save a widow who was struck by lightning. Some say I have an unusual sense of humor because I can find humor in almost any situation. I love to people watch. Many people would make good cartoon characters.” Marie lives with her husband and her chihuahua, Shep, in Glendale, Arizona. Visit Marie’s website to learn more and buy her books.

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