Consider a BOOK READ as a great way to promote your book in 2015!

Consider a BOOK READ as a great way to promote your book in 2015!

by Rebecca Joy

As we approach the new year, what creative ideas do you have in mind to further promote your book?

Have you ever considered having a “book read” based on your book performed in front of an audience? Depending on the genre of your book, of course, it could be on the serious side, educational, entertaining, or just fun to “act” out.

Many years ago I took voiceover classes from Lou Hunt, a fabulously talented local voice talent coach. Because of her background, I knew she had a unique perspective of the written word and decided to tap into that ability. I asked Lou to review the manuscript and give feedback on Classic Tales from the Firehouse: Firefighters Stories of Calamity, Courage, and Caring before I published the book. She made great suggestions and offered something else that was unexpected and thrilling to me…

Lou suggested that we have her students do a book read from Classic Tales from the Firehouse!

Tales 2Slowly, the parts and pieces of the show concept started coming together. The stories we selected needed a variety of different characters so that the voice talent could interact with each other. I also reached out to my fire department community, gathered volunteers, and solicited food donations for the event.

Tales Live 2aOn December 13, 2014, the room at the Tempe Public Library was packed for an exciting and educational program called, Tales from the Firehouse LIVE! The audience had a rare opportunity to look into the lives of firefighters. The theatrical presentation involved real firefighters telling their stories, and voice actors who did a great job reading from Classic Tales.

Tales Live1It was all well worth the time, effort, and financial investment: a true labor of love. The enthusiastic positive response was more than I expected. People wanted to know if Tales LIVE! was going to be available on video and even suggested that I approach PBS and NPR with this concept. The multi-camera shoot captured footage of the entire show and will be edited down and made into a video.

As you move forward with the promoting and marketing your book. Ask yourself:Tales Live3

  • What hidden talents and abilities do I have?
  • Who are the people in my life with unique expertise or brilliance I can tap into to further support and help promote my book?
  • How good am I at leveraging the endless creative possibilities for promoting my book?

Prior to reaching out to Lou, the thought of doing a book read had never crossed my mind. I must tell you, as I listened to the voice talent read from my book on the day of the show, it touched my heart to hear stories from Classic Tales come to life. It turned out to be a fun adventure which I’m sure will open more doors and stir more creative possibilities for the future.

May 2015 be your year! The year your book really takes off for all the world to know, read, and love!


As a Phoenix firefighter for more than 26 years, now retired, Rebecca Joy continues to Rebecca JoyRebecca Joysave lives and effect positive change in a different capacity. As creator of the Simple Awareness Method (S.A.M.). Rebecca is a social entrepreneur who speaks on mindfulness and conscious living. She is the coauthor of a recently published book, Classic Tales from the Firehouse: Firefighters’ Stories of Calamity, Courage, and Caring. Visit for more information.

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  1. bethkoz says:

    Thanks, Rebecca Joy, for this great idea!

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