Getting Comfortable with Self Promotion

Getting Comfortable with Self Promotion

by David Waid

Thoughtful, decent people don’t go around tooting their own horns, do they? Certainly not the introverts. No, it often seems like self-promotion is the exclusive sandbox of obnoxious people.

Donald Trump, for instance.

To those of us afflicted by the disease of SELF-abnegation, SELF-promotion often seems Isiah Thomaslike SELF-aggrandizement. I have no problem marketing other brands aggressively. I actually enjoy it. The discomfort with promoting my own work must be some vestigial pilgrim doohickey nailed to my DNA like the 95 theses of Martin Luther.

With this conundrum on my mind, I remembered an interview I’d seen (when I was in high school during the Pleistocene Era) with NBA star and Basketball Hall of Famer, Isiah Thomas.

Third Person Truly Singular

In response to some TV reporter’s question, now long forgotten, Thomas said, “Isiah has to do what’s right for Isiah.” He was the first celebrity I ever saw casually refer to himself in the third person.

At the time I thought it was funny, and evidence of an outrageously puffed up ego (which may be dead-on, for all I know). Yet now I believe thinking of myself in the third person is a great way to put the enormity of my marketing discomfort at a safe distance. Far enough out where I can deal with and overcome it.

So … I have a client named David Waid whose epic historical fantasy novel Conjurers is coming out in April. Magic, sinister villains and grand adventure meet complex, unexpected characters on the sweeping canvas of the Late Middle Ages. You should check it out.

If you think that is an unseemly thing to write, I can only reply, “David has to do what’s right for David.”

David WaidDavid Waid is author of the historical fantasy novel, Conjurers, for which he is sending out query letters. He has a compilation of short stories and a sequel novel currently in progress. You can reach him to ask questions or berate his musical taste at

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One Response to Getting Comfortable with Self Promotion

  1. I think that is a wonderful idea! I have been in sales all my life and loved it, but selling myself and my books has been quite frustrating. Perhaps Lori should just do what is right for Lori! Thanks!


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