Why FamilySearch.Org is the Best Free Online Genealogy Resource

Why FamilySearch.Org is the Best Free Online Genealogy Resource

by Diana DeLugan

Imagine if everyone in the world had free access to genealogy records. We would live in a world where people had an enhanced sense of belonging, greater medical history knowledge, and fewer questions about family myths and legends. It’s no secret that I am a huge proponent of free access to genealogy information. Not everyone can afford paid subscription sites, nor is everyone proficient enough to use certain databases. As mentioned in my recent blog post about Library of Congress Research Basics, I promised to reveal my favorite free online family history research site, so here it is: FamilySearch.Org.

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Why FamilySearch.Org Is the Best

FamilySearch.Org is the best free online genealogy resource because it offers unparalleled support, it is the most extensive family history database in the world, and its resources benefit both novice and expert researchers.

Some people I know are averse to using the site because it is run by a religious organization, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Church) to be exact. Religion should not be a factor in determining the value of the FamilySearch.Org site. The Church is providing a valued service. I am not Mormon, but I respect and commend the Church’s efforts. I say thank goodness that the Church shares its extensive family history collection, which it has been compiling for more than 100 years.

FamilySearch.Org Features

Here are the top ten features that attract me to the FamilySearch.Org site:

  1. Resources
  2. Huge databases
  3. Collection of more than 150,ooo books
  4. Tutorials
  5. Free family tree online program
  6. 24/7 free expert phone support
  7. Privacy protection of information connected to living persons (Identity theft is real, people!)
  8. Watch lists
  9. Mobile apps
  10. It’s FREE!!

Word of Caution

Before you get started on your family history project, there are a few key points to understand. First, you must create an account and agree to the site’s “Terms of Use.” Take the time to read the Terms. If there is anything about it that you don’t like, it’s simple: don’t use the site. Second, navigate around the site to become familiar with its exhaustive resources to help you learn how to use the site and how to conduct successful research. If you are new to family history research, view the video tutorials and check out the text-based resources so you know where to start. Finally, remember to place yourself in the mindset that when you add new records (people/events/facts), you must always do your best to identify the source used to create your record. For records to be of any value, they have to be reliable.

We may not find all our family history answers at FamilySearch.Org. But with a little patience and diligence, we are certain to discover more about who we are.

Diana DeLugan, J.D., is a historian, singer, and author of Haunted Otero: Ghost Tales Diana DeLuganfrom the American Southwest is available on Amazon.com. Her second book, The Otero Arizona Land Grant Documentary, limited edition, is available at bookstores in Tubac, Arizona. Her new book, Guide to Free Arizona Family History Research will be available at the 2015 Tucson Book Festival at the University of Arizona Campus on March 14-15, 2015. Diana blogs each Sunday at OurArizonaHistory.com and here on the 20th of every month. For more information, visit her website, subscribe to her YouTube channel, follow her on Facebook, follow her on Twitter, or add her to your circles on Google+. Reach her directly at diana.delugan@gmail.com.

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