Writing Space Feng Shui

Writing Space Feng Shui

by C.K. Thomas

To be perfectly honest, I know next to nothing about feng shui. However, in the context of arranging a writing space, doesn’t it make sense to incorporate elements that both relax and stimulate?

BirdsResearch tells me that the Chinese art of feng shui incorporates the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water. It’s all about the psychic energy these elements bring to your workspace. Too much of an element might produce one type of energy while not enough of another. In my understanding that it’s all about achieving just the right balance. Check out the HGTV website for further details about the kinds of energy each element produces and how to achieve your own personal workspace balance.

Some time ago, I began surrounding myself with feathered icons and talismans of various stripes. My writing place beckons me with soothing images of birds and angels, a clear glass vase with coral sand from an Oregon Beach studded with tiny shells, and a sand dollar for luck.

desktopOn my desk are a conch shell, two butterflies, three angels, six bird figurines, a desert Coyote talisman, a gift from my oldest daughter, and a classic “wind woman” statue. A shiny, gold-colored square coin given to me by my youngest daughter implores me to “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you’ll land among the stars.”

Inspiration lives among this eclectic collection of feel-good items. When I began gracing this space with things dear to my heart, I hoped images of things I’m passionate about would banish fear and draw me gently into each day’s writing adventure. To some degree this has proved true, but I’m eager to incorporate actual feng shui principles into the mix. I’ll let you know if I’m successful in this pursuit.

I’d enjoy hearing from anyone who has had success bringing authentic feng shui or other similar improvements into a workspace. Let me know how your personalized additions have enhanced and enriched your writing environment. You may contact me at ckthomas@cox.net with your positive energy stories, and I’ll share them in my next blog post in February.

______________________C.K. Thomas
C.K. Thomas lives in Phoenix, Arizona. Before retiring, she worked for Phoenix Newspapers while raising three children and later as communications editor for a large United Methodist Church. The Storm Women is her fourth novel and the third in the Arrowstar series about adventurous women of the desert Southwest. Follow her blog: We-Tired and Writing Blog.

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1 Response to Writing Space Feng Shui

  1. dharmashanti says:

    My writing desk is set in the breakfast nook of our house. The morning light filters through the shrubs in front of the windows. On my desk itself, I have a number of small Buddha statues, including two Buddha squeeky toys (both gifts from friends), a lavender candle (rarely lit), a photo of my wife, my water bottles, and occasionally my black cat. With all that, it’s amazing I have any room for my laptop. 🙂


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