Hmmm …

Hmmm …

by Lewis Hellyer


I have drawn a blank for subject matter for this blog. All the others do such a terrific job with their posts. I feel somewhat intimidated to be among so many talented writers. I suppose I think my post won’t come up to snuff. I do know that I can write, so what is my problem? I have written four other posts – why is this one hanging back in the recesses of my mind?

I ramble on, babbling.

Hmmm … I should be able to write a post for this blog. I’m aware that I just need to sit down, turn on the ol’ computer, and write. Drag the thoughts, however unwilling, to paper. Place the words into sentences. Somehow a small miracle will happen and a blog post will appear.


Lewis Hellyer is the pen name of Jamie Lewis Hellyer and Darlene Eutsler Lewis, a Lewis Hellyermother-and-daughter writing team. Their new novel, a light romance titled
On Butterfly Wings: A Journey of the Heart, is soon to be published. Jamie is working on her thesis for her Ph.D. in metaphysical science. Darlene is tackling manuscript preparation for publishing, promotion, and marketing. Darlene is also working on a memoir and a new romance novel and a republishing of her revised children’s book, Where Is Reice?

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4 Responses to Hmmm …

  1. patriciaacox says:

    Ha ha ha I got a kick out of this. Who hasn’t been there?

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  2. bethkoz says:

    Yep. We’ve all been there, Darlene! LOL.

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  3. Jennie Kale says:

    I love this post! It takes a lot of guts to be vulnerable and share our thoughts when we are feeling less than what we think we should be. This post reminded me a lot of the way Seth Godin writes- short, stream of conciousness, and very human. LOVE!

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  4. Liz Marshall says:

    This is it – my greatest fear. Therefore, I do not blog!


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