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Self-Publishing vs Small Press

Self-Publishing vs Small Press by Patricia Grady Cox For my recently released novel, Chasm Creek, I pitched to a small press and was offered a contract. The contract stated that I would be responsible for marketing and promotion. More than … Continue reading

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Forty-Five Years Is a Long Time

Forty-Five Years Is a Long Time by Eduardo Cerviño Alzugaray Cuba is a nation frozen in time. For tourists visiting the island for a couple weeks, this is part of the charm. After all, some of the buildings you may … Continue reading

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Once Upon a Christmas Eve

Once Upon a Christmas Eve by C.K. Thomas Along about 1985, when my kids were 20, 18, and 16, we began a holiday tradition. Each of us wrote a story and read it to our family and friends gathered together … Continue reading

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The Grimm Alcove of Stony Mountain and the Dog Attack

The Grimm Alcove of Stony Mountain and the Dog Attack by Deborah Tosline The walk through Stony Mountain at dusk along the ridge is a walk of serenity bounded by uncertainty. Steep rocks, slippery slopes, spiny plants, snakes, and scorpions … Continue reading

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Tucson Festival of Books: A Book Lover’s Dream

Tucson Festival of Books: A Book Lover’s Dream by Rebecca Joy The two-day Tucson Festival of Books has come to an end. The seventh annual Festival was held on the beautiful University of Arizona campus, March 14-15, 2015. They were … Continue reading

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Longshot: Jim Butcher’s Road to Publishing

Longshot: Jim Butcher’s Road to Publishing by Ellen Buikema Jim Butcher, author of the Dresden Files series, the Codex Alera series, and the new Cinder Spires series, is one of my favorite authors. I enjoy his humor, character development, and … Continue reading

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Sing a New Story

Sing a New Story by Mary Ellen Stepanich I was flipping through the April issue of The Writer magazine when the title of one of the articles immediately caught my eye – probably because I am a singer. The essay … Continue reading

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What do you mean that your feet don’t lie?

What do you mean that your feet don’t lie? by Barbara Chatzkel Welcome to this month’s insight into business body language. It’s a place to get tips on the signals your body is sending and how to modify your body … Continue reading

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Why I Do Review Swaps – And Why You Should Too

Why I Do Review Swaps – And Why You Should Too by Patrick Hodges Most published authors who toil in obscurity will tell you that there’s nothing more important than reviews. But why, exactly? Well, with thousands of books released … Continue reading

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I Have No Style

I Have No Style by Jake Poinier When I say I have no style, I’m not talking about the fact that t-shirts and shorts are the dress code for my freelance writing and editing business. What I mean is that … Continue reading

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