And Then Along Came . . . Skype?!

And Then Along Came . . . Skype?!

by Lewis Hellyer

I remember a popular song that referenced a silent movie called The Perils of Pauline. The damsel in distress was tied to a railroad track … and then “Along Came John,” who was slow walking and slow talking.

The process of writing our novel, On Butterfly Wings: A Journey of the Heart could be aptly called The Perils of Jamie and Darlene. The first draft was penned in 2004. Due to the distance between us – Jamie in Salt Lake City and me in Phoenix – and life in general, the manuscript was set aside until August 2013. The rescuer for the book turned out to be the Internet program Skype. Little did we know that Skype would be a s l o w-m o v i n g, fast-dropping, and frustrating hero.

slow moving skypeOur routine five days a week was to use Skype to plan our scenes, go over ones already written, and make changes as necessary. All went well at the beginning and for a few weeks. We were making great progress and patted ourselves on the back frequently – oh, such self deception!

On an exceptionally good day of work, we began to edit one of the larger scenes. And then along came Skype …

“Jamie, are you there?”Butterfly

On the computer screen was a message informing me that I was no longer connected to the Internet. A quick check of the router showed that the connection to the Internet was intact.

“Mom, are you there? Can you hear me? Oh, there you are!” We were once again connected.

There were days when nothing in the way of progress took place because Skype kept dropping our calls. We persevered, however, in spite of s l o w-m o v i n g, fast-dropping Skype, and our manuscript is now a published book.

Would we use Skype again? Under the same circumstances, you betcha!

Lewis Hellyer is the pen name of Jamie Lewis Hellyer and Darlene Eutsler Lewis, a Lewis Hellyermother-and-daughter writing team. Their new novel, a light romance titled
On Butterfly Wings: A Journey of the Heart, is soon to be published. Jamie is working on her thesis for her Ph.D. in metaphysical science. Darlene is tackling manuscript preparation for publishing, promotion, and marketing. Darlene is also working on a memoir and a new romance novel and a republishing of her revised children’s book, Where Is Reice?

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