The Grimm Alcove of Stony Mountain and the Dog Attack

The Grimm Alcove of Stony Mountain and the Dog Attack

by Deborah Tosline

The walk through Stony Mountain at dusk along the ridge is a walk of serenity bounded by uncertainty. Steep rocks, slippery slopes, spiny plants, snakes, and scorpions contrast with songbirds, trees, flowers, cottontail bunnies, the smell of creosote, and a demanding uplifting circulation-enhancing meditative climb. Beautiful and quiet, hiking just before it’s too dark. A fiery sunset over a mountain silhouette frames the city lights that twinkle like Christmas. Any phase moon is a cherry on top. Occasionally and in certain areas, there’s a small sense of danger – like a Grimms’ Fairy Tale when the forest commute goes bad.

mtns at dusk

There is a dry drainage with a sea of yellow-flowered brittlebush and a sandy bottom with a palo verde alcove enveloping the crossing. It would be the perfect place to live if a bandit wildflowersneeded a temporary hideout home. In the waning light, it’s beautiful and scary in a Grimm sort of way.

One darkish dusk, to avoid the alcove, a new lower trail seemed like a nice walk through the desert toward home. After finding and following a faint trail under the last pretty light, two large barking dogs with no collars surrounded, as if to attack, chilling the bones. A stern NO! BAD DOG! and the dogs fell back – barking, lurking. It seemed safe to proceed – until the dogs lost their fear and rushed. Unexpected and scary. scay dogReaching for the phone, the closest lunge yet only six inches away, resulted in the unintended verbal request “Help me.”

The effect was immediate. The dogs stopped barking, backed off, and watched closely and calmly from a nearby rise. They did not bark again.

Peaceful. Grateful.

Twinkly lights. A sliver of fuchsia sky. Home.

Deborah Tosline Deborah Tosline is putting the final touches on her soon-to-be-published book, Skin Remodeling DIY: An Introduction to the Underground World of DIY Skin Care. Learn how to have your best skin using easy and effective methods. Deborah hikes the wilderness during dusky light reminding her of the classic Grimm’s Fairy Tales that she read as a child.

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3 Responses to The Grimm Alcove of Stony Mountain and the Dog Attack

  1. Tyger Gilbert says:

    This near attack should be reported to the Phoenix police and animal control (dog catcher). Nobody would want to get bitten by a roaming stray dog.

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  2. patriciaacox says:

    That was so compelling, Deborah! Excellent description and story-telling and also very scary. I did find myself wondering if it was an essay or a short story – it works either way! If essay, I agree with Tyger. The no collar makes me think they are strays and being aggressive like that is very frightening and should be reported. If short story, kudos! ;o)

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  3. Deborah Tosline says:

    Tyger and Patricia, thank you for the advice. I would not want anyone to feel as scared as I was or to be harmed, I will file a report. I was so relieved, that I did not think to report the incident and I now exclude that lower trail from my walks, when in fact I would enjoy the option.

    Patricia, thank you so much for your support for my novice writing skills. I really appreciate the feedback 🙂 I wanted it to be unclear to the reader whether the tale was true or not and I am so glad that you enjoyed it 🙂


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