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What do you mean that your feet don’t lie?

What do you mean that your feet don’t lie? by Barbara Chatzkel Welcome to this month’s insight into business body language. It’s a place to get tips on the signals your body is sending and how to modify your body … Continue reading

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Why I Do Review Swaps – And Why You Should Too

Why I Do Review Swaps – And Why You Should Too by Patrick Hodges Most published authors who toil in obscurity will tell you that there’s nothing more important than reviews. But why, exactly? Well, with thousands of books released … Continue reading

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I Have No Style

I Have No Style by Jake Poinier When I say I have no style, I’m not talking about the fact that t-shirts and shorts are the dress code for my freelance writing and editing business. What I mean is that … Continue reading

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Genealogy Basics: How to Obtain Birth or Death Certificates in Arizona

Genealogy Basics: How to Obtain Birth or Death Certificates in Arizona by Diana DeLugan Anyone serious about genealogy knows that birth and death records reveal important information useful in building a family tree. Certificates contain intimate details about family members … Continue reading

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How Getting Organized Can Help You Achieve Greatness!

How Getting Organized Can Help You Achieve Greatness! by Nick Nebelsky When I set out on writing my first novel, I opened a copy of Microsoft Word and started to type an outline of my story. My novel is based … Continue reading

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And Then Along Came . . . Skype?!

And Then Along Came . . . Skype?! by Lewis Hellyer I remember a popular song that referenced a silent movie called The Perils of Pauline. The damsel in distress was tied to a railroad track … and then “Along … Continue reading

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Algorithms for Living

Algorithms for Living by Melissa Price defines algorithm as, “A set of rules for solving a problem in a finite number of steps.” (Such as the Disney Music Hall, designed by Frank Gehry, pictured below.) The word algorithm rarely … Continue reading

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