The Audio Book Process: Your Book Comes Alive in Audio

The Audio Book Process: Your Book Comes Alive in Audio

by John Mahoney

Creating an audiobook is a simple process. First, be totally sure that you and only you are the rights owner. If you signed with a publisher to publish your book(s), odds are you’ve lost your rights to your book – so do that research first.

Next, you e-mail the transcript as an MS Word doc or PDF file to the producer.

After that, you’ll set up a time to speak in person via Skype or over the phone (or e-mail, as a last resort) about your eaudiobooksxpectations and other details. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to communicate either face to face or by phone. Communication via e-mail exclusively allows for only so much real understanding and often creates misunderstandings by both parties. Face to face, Skype, or by phone is the only way to really be sure each side understands the other.

You next select the professional voice actor(s) who will read your manuscript. Established producers will have a selection of voice actors to from whom to choose. Often the voice actor is requested to perform an audition to ensure that the voice talent is right for your book.

The producer hires the voice actor(s), and the recording sessions are scheduled.

Often music/sound is created for the intro, between chapters, and the book’s end. Ideally, your producer can compose original royalty-free music/sound to add extra color and texture to your audio book.

The recorded audio is then edited to remove unwanted breaths, re-takes, errors, etc. Then the audio is mixed down and mastered. The master CDs are then burned and ready for duplication or replication.

Each chapter is converted into high-quality MP3 files, ready for and compatible with all the audio book distribution websites (e.g,,, iTunes, etc.).

THE END … very simple.

John Mahoney John Mahoney is the Owner/Producer of RavenPheat Productions and Raven Audio Books Recording and Production Studio in Glendale, Arizona. The recording studio was established in1998, and the audio book production division began in 2001. His current business composition: 80% audio books, hypnotherapy, meditations; 20% music. John’s motto: Placing respect, integrity, honesty, and quality above all else. Reach him at 623.215.8654, or

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