What Is Quantum Forgiveness?

What Is Quantum Forgiveness?

by Robert Bloom

Simply stated, Quantum Forgiveness is a problem-solving process that heals mental and emotional wounds, resolves differences, and clears up misperceptions. Quantum How-to-ForgiveForgiveness is a learning tool that extracts the value out of hurtful experiences and leaves the pain behind. It is an invitation to a miracle!

Quantum Forgiveness rests upon the fact that it’s never people, places, things, situations, or conditions that upset us; it’s our thoughts about them that do. In fact, all the mental and emotional pain and suffering in our lives is due primarily to one of two things:

  1. Unmet demands and expectations
  2. Painful thoughts and judgments on our part

In Quantum Forgiveness, you learn to clearly identify your demands, judgments, and expectations, challenge their validity, and then turn them around. This enables you to see the situation from a larger perspective, extract the wisdom, and leave the pain behind. In this way, you learn, grow, and prosper.

With Quantum Forgiveness, you learn to profit from every experience in life. It’s a tool you can use to move through any form of adversity with confidence and courage. In nearly any situation, the most powerful tool you have at your disposal is your fertile mind. Quantum Forgiveness will make it razor sharp!

Live well,
Robert Bloom


Robert BloomAuthor Robert Bloom is an ordinary guy who surrendered to his spiritual calling and gained a few powerful insights along the way. He believes that the difficulties we face in life aren’t meant to brutalize or defeat us; rather, they’re meant to liberate our spirit. Understanding forgiveness is the key. Learn more about Robert and his book at his website, TheUniversalKeys.com.  

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