2013 Audio Book Statistics and Audio Book Reviews

2013 Audio Book Statistics and Audio Book Reviews

by John Mahoney

Audio books are sold in two major formats: CDs and downloads.

  • CDs represented 35.5% of audio books sales.
  • Downloads represented 61.8% of audio books sales.audiobook stats

Audio books are produced in two major editions: unabridged and abridged.

  • Unabridged editions represented 91.1% of audio book sales.
  • Abridged editions represented 8.5% of audio book sales.

Very interesting is the difference in sales between the genres of fiction and nonfiction. It seems the listeners are not so found of reality.

  • Fiction represented 77.8% of audio book sales.
  • Nonfiction accounted for 22.2% of sales.

Who buys audio books by age group?

  • Adults purchase 90.8% of audio books.
  • YA and children’s book accounted for 9.2% of sales.

When it comes to reviews, who are the major players?

  • AudioFile Magazine
  • School Library Journal
  • Booklist (published by the American Library Association)
  • Publishers Weekly
  • Kirkus Reviews
  • Ingram Library Services eNewsletters
  • Library Journal

Note: The above information comes from the Audio Publishers Association.

John MahoneyJohn Mahoney is the Owner/Producer of RavenPheat Productions and Raven Audio Books Recording and Production Studio in Glendale, Arizona. The recording studio was established in1998, and the audio book production division began in 2001. His current business composition: 80% audio books, hypnotherapy, meditations; 20% music. John’s motto: Placing respect, integrity, honesty, and quality above all else. Reach him at 623.215.8654, ravenaudiobooks@cox.net or ravenaudiobooks.com.

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