Happy Sunscreen Protection Day!

Happy Sunscreen Protection Day!

by Rebecca Joy

What?! What the heck does Sunscreen Protection Day have to do with this authors’ blog?

Let’s say you’re in the skincare industry and you’ve published your book or write a blog on tips and tricks promoting the value of maintaining healthy skin. Considering it’s the largest organ in the human body — that’s pretty darn important info to share!

cal-0814-cl5-beach13Well, today — May 27th — happens to be Sunscreen Protection Day and a critically important day for you to know about. Think of how you could position yourself as an expert by writing and sharing a piece centered on this specific day. Great timing as we move into the summer and need to be proactive in caring for our most vital protective organ.

Better yet, create an event around this day to showcase your book, products, or service. It could even be a monthly, weekly, or day-long observance or promotion.

That’s exactly what I did when I planned the release of my book, Classic Tales from the Firehouse: Firefighters’ Stories of Calamity, Courage, and Caring. I did some research and found out International Firefighters Day was celebrated on May 4th each year. I secured an appropriate venue, the Firefighting Hall of Flame Museum on that date and tied in all the elements to create a very successful book launch.

Consider doing something similar associated with your genre, industry, topic, expertise, book, blog or message.

To find lists of potential celebrated and themed dates in line with your topic, google search key words such as: major holidays, unique and bizarre days, awareness days, and/or theme days. You’ll have a quite a list to select from. Be creative. Allow your mind to wonder with possibilities and come up with something that will be fun, effective, and memorable.

For example, unofficial celebrated themed events for the month of August include:

  • National Read a Romance Month
  • National Golf Month
  • Be Kind to Humankind Week: August 25-31
  • National Chocolate Chip Day: August 4
  • Bad Poetry Day: August 18
  • Men’s Grooming Day: August 21
  • Be an Angel Day: August 22

Be sure to mark this upcoming date in your calendar: August 9th. On that special day we celebrate Book Lovers Day! A perfect day, as summer approaches, to slather on some sunscreen and find a place in the shade to relax with a good book and — read the day away!

As a Phoenix firefighter for more than 26 years, now retired, Rebecca Joy had the unique Rebecca Joyopportunity to collect firefighters stories and compile them into a dynamic anthology book, called
Classic Tales from the Firehouse: Firefighters’ Stories of Calamity, Courage, and Caring. Also a speaker, social entrepreneur, and creator of the Simple Awareness Method (S.A.M.), Rebecca continues to save lives and effect positive change in a different capacity by sharing a powerful, practical and life changing message on mindfulness and conscious living. To order your copy of Classic Tales, please visit TalesFromTheFirehouse.com for more information.

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