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What’s Your Type?

What’s Your Type? by Nick Nebelsky This year will mark 35 years since I graduated from high school. When I think back to all the subjects I took, one stands out from all the rest. It’s not that it was … Continue reading

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Selecting a title with mass appeal

Selecting a title with mass appeal by Patrick Hodges I have been working feverishly over the last month finishing up the rough draft for my second book, which I have tentatively called Kelsey’s Crush. But the more I think about … Continue reading

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The Horses of St. Mark’s

The Horses of St. Mark’s by Lesley Sudders I had always wanted to see Venice, and some years ago my husband and I traveled there. I had studied its history, read memoirs and travel books, and was well aware that … Continue reading

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What do you do when reality intrudes on fiction?

What do you do when reality intrudes on fiction? by Steve Meissner The problem with writing about current events – especially Arizona politics – is that reality sometimes rears up and bites you in the butt. That just happened to … Continue reading

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Writers: Are You Ready to ‘Play Ball!’?

Writers: Are You Ready to ‘Play Ball!’? by Robert Scanlan An Empirical Analysis of the Infield Fly Rule On the Necessity of Spitballs Class D: The Nine Eventful Seasons of the Ohio State League, 1908-1916 These agenda topics, among many … Continue reading

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Zone of Proximal Development

Zone of Proximal Development by Joshua Hoyt In creating well-rounded characters, we need to remember the wind beneath their wings. Our characters need the support of those around them or they will falter and eventually die. Think of your own … Continue reading

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If only I had …

If only I had … by Joseph Battaglia It’s been said that 81% of Americans want to write a book someday. That’s about 258 million, give or take a few thousand. And yet, how many will actually write the book, … Continue reading

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IFTTT: The Web’s Multi-tool

IFTTT: The Web’s Multi-tool by Dharma Kelleher Years ago, I subscribed to blogs using Google Reader, a tool that allowed me to follow all of my favorite blogs in one spot. When Google discontinued this service a few years back, … Continue reading

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2013 Audio Book Statistics and Audio Book Reviews

2013 Audio Book Statistics and Audio Book Reviews by John Mahoney Audio books are sold in two major formats: CDs and downloads. CDs represented 35.5% of audio books sales. Downloads represented 61.8% of audio books sales. Audio books are produced … Continue reading

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From Morning Rush to Morning Ritual

From Morning Rush to Morning Ritual by Alicia Fields What do you want your life to feel like? When you wake up in the morning, is it the usual grind? Do you rush through the morning sprinting to work? Do … Continue reading

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