Audio Books for Children

Audio Books for Children

by John Mahoney

Are you a children’s book author? Do you wish to be? The following information is for those who are contemplating becoming part of the incredible and exploding world of audio books for children.

So here you are, the author of children’s books, or about to be the author of a children’s book. And you know that marketing your book is critical. Today, authors really must have the book in print, in audio, and even in ebook version. All three of these items on the menu are equally braided together in today’s marketing plans.

GS - kid with backpackFirst, your book will be written on the word processor and published as a printed book. From there, the electronic version of your creation is easily uploaded, and shazam! The ebook is born. Now for the fun part… find a professional local recording studio, like RavenPheat Productions, sit down, Skype or phone chat with the producer, and create that audio book.

Listed here are all the questions you will need to answer activities you’ll need to do to create an interesting and magnificent audio book for children.

  • Who will be the voice(s) reading the book? This is the most important decision you’ll make concerning your audio book.
  • Is the reader’s voice both pleasant and appropriate for the subject matter? The recording studio that you select should have a database of voice talent and be willing to search for the perfect voice for your book.
  • Will you choose music and/or sound effects to be woven throughout your audio book? Will music enhance the spoken words or detract from them? Will sound effects enhance the story?
  • What about the recording studio and the producer? If the studio and the producer don’t feel just right in your gut, keep looking. Your intuition is key. Take your time and have your audio book done with

More insights into the world of children’s audio books

The narrators and producers of children’s audio books often bring the stories to life through different voices, music, and sound effects. Children are encouraged to use their imaginations and “paint” their own pictures of the characters and places. The overall effect of one of entertainment, education, and enjoyment, thereby strengthening the link between books and pleasure. This is particularly important for parents struggling with reluctant or problem readers.

Another benefit of children’s audio books is that they can play a vital role in bridging the gap for young children whose understanding and comprehension is greater than their reading skill. Often, children who cannot yet read or who are just learning to read become frustrated by their lack of reading ability. In allowing them to “read” along with an audio book, this frustration can be averted as the child feels as though they’re actually reading. This is an enormous benefit when encouraging a life-long love of books and reading in the very young.

Recent research also confirms that while children are having fun listening to a book, they are also on the road to improving their reading ability, vocabulary and comprehension – all of which are great for getting ahead in class. And audio books can be a fantastic way to fulfill requirements for summer reading lists from school. Most teachers agree: listening to unabridged recordings (books recorded word-for-word from the print version) is not considered cheating.

By listening to audio books, children are presented with an opportunity to hear language, thereby providing them with models for the correct use of grammar and also giving them the chance to hear the correct pronunciation of new or difficult words.

According to a Commission on Reading report, “Becoming a Nation of Readers”: “The single most important activity for building the knowledge required for eventual success in reading is reading aloud to children.” However, changes in society mean that more and more demands are being made on parents’ time. Finding time to squeeze everything in is often not only a challenge, but may feel impossible. Audio books can give exhausted parents a break from reading to their children. What better way to relax and end the day than to cuddle up together and just listen?

Finally, in the not-too-distant future (perhaps as soon as the next year or so) children’s audio picture books should be available in the streaming format. Today, these books are produced in the MP4 video/audio format, creating very large files that are impractical for download sales from either authors’ websites or the big commercial web corporations.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog.

John MahoneyJohn Mahoney is the Owner/Producer of RavenPheat Productions and Raven Audio Books Recording and Production Studio in Glendale, Arizona. The recording studio was established in 1998, and the audio book production division began in 2001. His current business composition: 80% audio books, hypnotherapy, meditations; 20% music. John’s motto: Placing respect, integrity, honesty, and quality above all else. Reach him at 623.215.8654, or

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5 Responses to Audio Books for Children

  1. Beth Kozan says:

    Intriguing. Almost makes me want to write a children’s book, something I have not considered!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Marcie Brock says:

    John Mahoney, I love this post! I learned a lot about the benefits of audio books for children. Thanks for sharing.

    Marcie (AKA Laura O)


  3. John Mahoney, what a thoughtful and well-written piece. The point that small children can actually increase their comprehension skills by “reading along” really spoke to me. The image of sitting together with the child, listening together, is powerful. It sounds both calming and relaxing. And children love the company of a caring adult sharing something. Those minutes could end up being the memories of a lifetime. “Grandpa, remember when I was small, and we used to….” ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. tralee68 says:

    This piece is great. I am a primary school librarian and have really utilised e-books for book groups, but now I will incorporate audio books into the library provision, using Ipods to download the books onto, so that more children can experience the power of being read to.

    Liked by 1 person

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