The Art of Finding Inspiration

The Art of Finding Inspiration

by Ofelia Montelongo

I’m constantly tempted by worthless amusing activities instead of finishing my book. I frequently use this excuse: I’m not inspired, right now.

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I’m fully aware that inspiration doesn’t come every day nor every hour. It takes time and it comes when we least expect it. However, sometimes we have to force inspiration to work to fulfill deadlines or other commitments.

I’ve found inspiration at 3 a.m. while dreaming or while exercising. On the other hand, I’ve experienced times of sitting in front of the computer for hours in my full writer’s mood, yet my fingers can’t type even a sentence that makes sense.

For these stressful moments when inspiration can’t be found, I have intentionally prepared myself with these tips:

  • At the beginning of every project, write the reason you are doing what you are doing. And whenever you feel stuck or uninspired, read your own words. Reading your own dreams and hopes will trigger some inspiring thoughts again!
  • Carry a small notebook everywhere you go. Sometimes I find myself in the grocery store writing about a scene of my novel. Always be prepared! The notes app on your phone works, too.
  • Keep a journal. There are going to be days you are inspired; use them as a technique for those days you are not. Write about how you feel and what you are doing. You can even write a letter to yourself explaining your goals and your wishes to finish your book.
  • Read your own novel. Reading your own work will get you back into that mindset that you are seeking.
  • Read novels of your own genre. My biggest issue when I write is describing my settings. My most effective tool is for developing a better setting is reading similar novels and getting tips from other writers.
  • Meditate or take a walk. This is not only for writing or finding inspiration. Taking a walk or meditating will help you clear your mind during any job or stress situation. Try listening to relaxing music while you do it.

Remember, writing is like cooking: It takes forever to get the food out of the oven, and just seconds to eat it. But a good prepared nutritious meal is always delicious to devour and it is worth it.

Don’t let lack of inspiration stop you! After all, finding inspiration it’s a well-crafted art.


Ofelia Montelongo Ofelia Montelongo is an aspiring published author. She is writing her first novel, Pilgrims or Something Like That. Originally from Mexico, she has a Bachelor’s in accounting and finance and an MBA. She is currently working on her Bachelor’s in English and Creative Writing. Ofelia is also a freelance photographer and has her own business in Scottsdale (Chocolate Tour of Scottsdale). Read more at Writing My First Novel. eMail Ofellia here or “like” her on Facebook.

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  1. bethkoz says:

    Good post, Ofelia! Thank you!

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