The Power of the Group: Prayers and Thoughts for Healing

The Power of the Group: Prayers and Thoughts for Healing

by Laura Orsini

Amanda Palmer is an expert at asking, and she has figured out how to theartofasking_imagesuccessfully harness the Power of the Group. So much so that she waged the highest earning Kickstarter campaign to date. So much so that she gave a TED Talk that has had 3.6 million views. So much so that she was asked to inspire a group of women programmers/engineers at Microsoft. So much so that she authored the absolutely-must-read book, The Art of Asking. When I grow up, I want to be just like her.

I’m not much of an audiobook person, but recently I’ve been doing a lot of driving. I was at the library, so I decided to explore the audiobooks and came across The Art of Asking. I’d already seen the TED Talk, so I was pretty sure the book would be good, too. Understatement of the year. Best book. Important book. Book that could change the world if everyone would just read/listen to it. I recommend the audiobook version because Amanda is an amazing storyteller. If you just read the words, you’ll miss her nuance, miss her vocal variety, miss her doing her husband’s voice in a British accent.

So, while I’m a consummate question-asker, asking for things – like help of any sort – has always been a bit difficult for me. I’m used to giving help, not asking for it.

That’s changing these days, though, as my family and I find ourselves navigating my little Reen in whitesister’s journey from cervical cancer back to wellness and full health. A Christmas Eve diagnosis certainly put a pall over our holidays, but even as I asked her in that moment if she was OK, she said, “I think so.” Mindset, faith, prayers, and a natural regimen that steers clear of chemo are restoring her health.

Please understand, if you or someone you know/love are in a similar situation, I make no judgments about your treatment choices. As Christine noted in yesterday’s post, everyone follows his/her own path. We – specifically my sister – are just following ours, and it may look quite different from yours.

Things I’m asking for

So, first and foremost, I’m asking anyone and everyone willing to do so to keep Corina in your thoughts and prayers. We believe so strongly that all the good thoughts and well wishes from people who know her to people who will never meet her are all working for her best good to help her body heal more quickly.

I’ve also had to lean significantly on my husband for help – and he is truly an angel, going the extra mile and doing all he can to support me as I support my sister.

I’ve had to ask clients and others to bear with me as I am delayed in delivering and getting back to them, because being a full-time care-giver takes a big bite out of one’s time and energy resources.

I’ve had to help my sister ask doctors and nurses to expand their thinking so they can wrap their heads around the nontraditional treatments and protocols she is using. Most have been amazing about it. A few shake their heads, assuming we are delusional. And then there is the occasional asshole we just have to ignore.

Here’s what I know: It’s all good. This isn’t a journey I’d wish on anyone, but I think we’re doing a pretty good job of staying on track and doing all the right things. So, what are the right things? Here’s a list of the protocols and tools we’re applying. Please do your own research and confirmation before attempting anything here. Just know, they have far higher reported success rates than any traditional allopathic cancer treatments – chemo in particular. When the ER nurse tells you again and again, “Whatever you do, don’t do chemo,” you know you’re probably going in a good direction to omit that from your treatment protocol.

Natural cancer remedies/resources

  • An abridged version of the Gerson diet. This consists primarily of a number of fresh-squeezed juices daily, along with coffee enemas to flush the toxins out of the body.
  • The Budwig protocol. This is a flaxseed, flax oil, cottage cheese mixture that helps bring the bad fats under control. The water-soluble fat in flax oil allows the good fats to be absorbed and used by the body for healing.
  • Supreme Immune Health FormulaTM. This proprietary aloe arborescens dietary supplement provides powerful support for the immune system and helps maintain optimal health.
  • Garlic and herbal suppositories. Until I researched this, I never knew that (a) cayenne pepper stops virtually all kinds of bleeding almost immediately and (b) garlic has so many healing properties that it is listed on the pharmacopeia of most countries (except the U.S., however, because there’s no money to be made in garlic as a supplement).
  • Beta glucan. Beta glucan is the number one immunomodulator on the planet. It has been studied for more than 50 years. More than 11,000 studies from Harvard, Baylor, Tulane and other prestigious universities can be found at
  • has a host of other resources.

Spiritual/intangible resources

  • The Healing Code. This book discusses the fact that virtually all illness is caused by stress. The best way to eradicate the illness is by releasing the cause of the stress. The primary author came up with a method by which to do this, restoring damaged/damaging cellular memory using a simple series of prayers/affirmations. One of the co-authors was diagnosed with ALS, and after using this system has been symptom free for nearly six years.
  • Affirmations from Abraham-Hicks. If you’re not familiar with this, watch the dozens of YouTubes. They can explain it far better than I ever could.
  • Gregg Braden. A scientist who teaches what is essentially a mind-over-matter technique to create anything you want in life – including full healing from a “terminal” illness.
  • Parmahansa Yogananda. An Indian yogi and guru who introduced millions of Westerners to the teachings of meditation and Kriya Yoga through his book, Autobiography of a Yogi. His devotees belong to a spiritual community known as the Self-Realization Fellowship. His book Scientific Healing Affirmations has been particularly helpful.

Yep – some of it is pretty woo-woo. All of it is nontraditional. And more than anything, my sister’s faith and belief that her body is healing is the thing that will carry us over the finish line. Everyone dies – but it’s not her turn yet. If you’d like to join your thoughts/prayers to ours for Corina’s healing and demonstrate the ULTIMATE Power of the Group, please do so.

We will, of course, write our own book at the end of this, because it’s a story that needs telling.

LAURA ORSINI is a self-publishing consultant who works with authors who want to LO picchange the world. From concept to publication to the first-time author’s book launch, her expertise will help you make a better book and find more readers. Laura is the organizer of the Phoenix Publishing and Book Promotion Meetup and the host and creator of the Holiday Author Event, coming up on December 6. She will be exploring more about the power of the group in her coming posts for this group blog. In the meantime, read her posts at Marcie Brock – Book Marketing Maven. Friend her on Facebook, follow her on Twitter, and check out her pins on Pinterest.

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  1. bethkoz says:

    I respect you all so very much for trying this. You and Corina and John have my support.

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