Taking It to the Tweets: Who Knew It Would Be so Much Fun?

Taking It to the Tweets: Who Knew It Would Be so Much Fun?

by Deborah Tosline

As the first-time author of Skin Remodeling DIY: An Introduction to the SkinRemodelingDIYCover5fFinal2FrontUnderground World of Do-It-Yourself Skin Care and self-appointed Marketing Director, I am transitioning from my private Saturday routine of researching and writing to public outreach and the world of social media. History shows that I am a rather unskilled Facebook networker/user, so using social media to market my book seemed daunting, until a couple of weeks ago.

Twitter is currently ranked worldwide as the number one social networking service. The Twitter format is well suited to viewing on a smart phone, as each Tweet is limited to 140 characters. This results in a fast paced “news” feed that continuously updates throughout the day, depending on the accounts that are “followed.”

Based on Lori Taylor’s Ten Remarkable Twitter Statistics for 2015, 270 million active users have sent more than 300 billion tweets since Twitter launched, with 50 million new users joining in 2014. Over a third of Twitter users will purchase from a brand they follow, yet three in 10 small businesses have not joined Twitter.

In 2012, Twitter users were primarily comprised of people between the ages of 15 and 25. tossline twitter1In 2015, Twitter use has a broader age range, with the highest number of users aged 18 to 44 and about 12 million users aged 45 to 65-plus. The majority of Twitter users have 50 followers, a tiny percentage of users have 100,000, and top Twitter icons have more than 60 million followers! Most Twitter users follow about 50 accounts but should consider following more because the number of followers is correlated to the number followed.

On July 12, 2015, my beautiful-on-the-inside-and-out daughter, Jacqueline, established the @SkinRemodeling Twitter account and began building a presence. After 13 days, we are following 140 people, have 59 followers, and have sent 112 tweets (including retweets of other posts). @SkinRemodeling focuses on skin care, cosmetic dermatology and cosmeceuticals and, to cast a wide net, also follows healthy living, environmental, and outdoor lifestyle interests.

@SkinRemodeling follows vendors mentioned in the Skin Remodeling DIY book, many of the @SkinRemodeling followers, and also vendors and subjects for associated interests. @SkinRemodeling markets and reflects the Skin Remodeling DIY brand and is separate from my personal Twitter account, which so far, is empty. 🙂

Surprisingly, I became engrossed and began following, tweeting, retweeting and tossline twitter2proactively building the @SkinRemodeling niche presence. During my brief experience, I have found Twitter to be an intriguing and easy-to-follow format. The tweet feed is “newsy” with brief introductions and links to articles, recipes, and images posted by those who are followed. I enjoy reviewing the latest tweets and reading short articles or retweeting useful information.

Establishing the @SkinRemodeling Twitter account and tracking its growth has been exciting and motivational. I highly recommend taking a Twitter name and exploring the marketing potential of this popular social networking service, you just might find it FUN.

Check out the @SkinRemodeling Twitter page.

Check out the Skin Remodeling DIY website.

Listen to the Skin Remodeling DIY podcast interview.

Visit the Skin Remodeling DIY Facebook page.

Deborah Tosline’s education and work experience is in science, where hypotheses are Deborah Toslinetested through observation and experiments. She has two bachelor of science degrees: one in geology and one in ecology. Her approach to skin care is based on that scientific background and a love of research. Deborah has studied and practiced DIY skin care for three decades including a consistent facial exercise practice from 2002, and five years of teaching facial exercise. She has integrated skin rejuvenation into a lifelong healthy lifestyle.

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2 Responses to Taking It to the Tweets: Who Knew It Would Be so Much Fun?

  1. Deborah, wow! Twitter has really changed. Thanks for bringing us up to date on the changes in the last 3 years. Best wishes for a powerful Twitter experience for you!

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  2. Deborah Tosline says:

    Thank you Kebba! 🙂


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