Why You Should Have Healing Spaces: Three to Try Right Now

Why You Should Have Healing Spaces: Three to Try Right Now

by Alicia Fields

I know that at some point, you’ve had “that” kind of day. We all have. Now wouldn’t it be nice when you’re having “that” kind of day to have something to shift your mood? Creating a healing journal is an amazing tool to help you with all aspects of your, life but it’s also a great tool to shift your perspective when you need it.

Beach chairs on sandOne of the first things I have people do in their healing journals is create a page or a few pages of healing spaces. Healing spaces are any spaces in which you feel really good and that when you’re there, you feel centered, balanced, and happy.

Healing spaces can be real spaces or imagined ones. The great thing about healing spaces is that you can go to them in your head, and your body will react as if you’re already there. And there’s a ton of scientific research to back this up. Let’s try it, shall we?

Autumn forest. Nachtegalenpark in AntwerpRead this and then close your eyes and imagine it in full detail. Imagine the rolling ocean and a beautiful beach before you. You walk onto the beach. The waves roll in and out, you can hear the gentle roar, you can smell the salty breeze, feel the gentle warmth of the sun on your skin. You can feel the soft sand between your toes. A peace rolls over you as you take big deep breaths, and you sigh out, “Aahhhh!”

So how did that feel? If you did the exercise, you are probably feeling pretty good right now. You can use this healing space anytime you need it. A quick trip to a bathroom or your car or another room to do a quick little healing space visualization will usually be plenty to shift your mood.

home fountainThe two other places you can try are a deep wooded forest and a small nature spot of your choosing that is already close to you. The wooded forest I’m thinking of is an old growth forest, a place of magic and mythical creatures with a stream running through it. The nature spot of your choosing is a real spot you know about or have created in your home or office. The small nature spot can be a park, small outdoor space with a lot of plants, or even a personal corner that has some plants and maybe a figurine or two that make you happy.

Any of these three sites can be a place of refuge for you. I none of those hit the spot, choose a few more that are healing to you. Your pool, your hometown, a treehouse, a waterfall, a yoga class, a temple, church, or any other healing space of your choosing. You can indulge in these spaces either in your mind or in person. Remember, the mind doesn’t know you aren’t really there and your body will respond with relaxation and healing whether you visualize it or actually go there. 

Put whichever places you choose in your healing journal. You can add pictures, notes, or anything else as you go. For additional resources, please visit WildWellness.me.

Alicia H. Fields is the author of the upcoming book, Wild Wellness, which will give you Alicia Fieldsmore insights like this about getting your body and life functioning to their highest levels, using the natural cycles of the earth. Alicia is a nature loving wild woman and creator of Wild Wellness, a business site for women that teaches how living intuitively and connected to nature will lead to an amazing and fulfilled life. Alicia is a master level yoga therapy teacher and wellness coach, Desire Map facilitator, essential oils instructor, tarot reader, animal rescuer, and backyard farmer with her partner, Mr. Amazing. You can find her at WildWellness.me or on Facebook

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3 Responses to Why You Should Have Healing Spaces: Three to Try Right Now

  1. bethkoz says:

    My first ‘ocean’ experience (actually the Gulf of Mexico) was at age 12. It was not a pleasant experience. Mountain streams conjure memories of slippery rocks and extreme cold. Neither of these are ‘happy moments’ for me. I have had to find my own relaxation memories. I have! Falling to sleep beside an open window with ocean breezes and a distant fog horn; sleeping with curtains blowing while listening to irrigation wells — actually big truck engines — roaring in the dark; watching a lightning storm from a safe distance with accompanying boom of thunder. These are some of my ‘peaceful moments’ that I can evoke as needed.


  2. Barbara says:

    Thanks for the short but relaxing mental trip to the beach!

    Liked by 1 person

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