Preparing to Debut “Ethan’s Secret” – coming August 17th!”

Preparing to Debut “Ethan’s Secret” – coming August 17th!”

by Patrick Hodges

SONY DSCIt’s always exciting when you get close to the release date for your book. And this time, there’s been such a flurry of activity that I’ve scarcely had time to catch my breath!

Last month, I contacted a man named Dan Dynneson, who interviews authors whose books “make a difference.” I was honored that he chose to interview me. We communicated via Skype, and just this week, the interview was posted on his website. It’s quite long (73 minutes), but it was very productive. My first interview! Here is the link where you can listen to it.

My second book, Ethan’s Secret, will debut on Amazon on August 17th, a date I ethans secretchose because it also happens to be my 46th birthday. Feedback has been outstanding so far, and I look forward to getting both this book and Joshua’s Island into schools, an endeavor I will begin undertaking now that Phoenix-area schools are back in session.

Lastly, I made contact with an illustration outfit that can take a description (and a few select actors’ faces) and create a composite that represents any character from any book. I took them up on their offer ($5 per picture), and gave them descriptions of my four main characters: Joshua and Eve from Joshua’s Island, and Kelsey and Ethan from Ethan’s Secret. The results are, I think you’ll agree, quite impressive. I promised I would advertise them, so if you would like something like this for one or more of YOUR characters, please e-mail me. I may have them do ALL my characters.

Hodges charactersAnd now as you read this, I am beginning work on the outline for my third book. Ain’t no laurels to rest on here!

Thanks to Laura and everyone in the Phoenix Publishing & Book Promotion group for their incredible support.

Patrick Hodges lives in Arizona with his wife of fourteen years,
Patrick HodgesVaneza. After doing weekly columns for entertainment-related websites, he has turned his attention to writing fiction. He is passionate about sending positive messages to young people. Joshua’s Island is his first novel. A sequel is in the works. You may reach him at or “like” him on Facebook.

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4 Responses to Preparing to Debut “Ethan’s Secret” – coming August 17th!”

  1. Reblogged this on rosepointpublishing and commented:
    WOW! Really love this concept and while not applicable to my own, I know several who would benefit. Great idea!!

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  2. Neat idea! I’ve reblogged–thank you!


  3. Barbara says:

    Patrick – congratulations on Ethan’s Secret.


  4. Dan Dynneson says:

    Awesome, Patrick. Thanks for the honourable mention. Those graphic mockups are awesome!


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