Transformation: From writer to author

Transformation: From writer to author

by Ernie Ayon

Transformation: Writer to Author

Transformation: Writer to Author

I heard an interesting question the other day: “Should I identify myself as a writer or as an author?” Many responses pointed out that it was just a matter of semantics and was no different than making a distinction about whether someone was a lawyer or an attorney. At first I agreed, but then I thought about what writing means to me and realized that I used to be a writer and now I am transforming into an author.

A writer expresses a poem, a writer pens the lyrics to a song, a writer posts on a blog, or scripts the next blockbuster plot. An author? Well, authors publish books!

I speak from my own personal experience, but let me point out a few of the transformations. Sometimes I would write just to write. It was a form of my personal expression and generally consisted of journaling or jotting down thoughts. I had no intention of others reading it and preferred that no one ever did. But then I had an idea. I should write a book about this topic. I decided to do just that, even though I had no idea where to start.

First I researched book publishing online. Then I met a few published authors to see how they did it. I had to figure out how to get an ISBN. I promise, most other writers don’t care about that. Then there was the issue of book length and format, pricing, cover design, distribution, publishing options and so on. Oh, you mean I have to market it, too?! Wow, authors do a whole lot more than just write awesome books while sitting next to the fireplace enjoying a glass of wine.

We may write purely out of enjoyment or passion. We may write to express ourselves or to share knowledge and experiences with others. We may write to entertain an audience. But if we are going to write with the purpose of creating a published books that others will enjoy and maybe even pay money for, then we have to transform from being mere writers to being the next published best-selling author.

____________________Ernie Ayon
Ernie is the author of
SHARK Belief, the ultimate formula for achievement and success at anything. His vision is to empower 1 million high achievers to reach their goals by teaching the 6 elements of the SHARK Belief formula to entrepreneurs, athletes, and leaders around the world. 

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One Response to Transformation: From writer to author

  1. Marcie Brock says:

    I love this post, Ernie! I think it’s a matter of confidence, that allows one to use the “author” title, as opposed to “writer.” And having a book with your name on it to hold in your hands doesn’t, hurt either!

    Laura (aka Marcie Brock)


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