What About Authors Who Want to Record Their Audio Books at Home?

What About Authors Who Want to Record Their Audio Books at Home?

by John Mahoney

Take no offense, but do not do it. It will sound like it was produced in your home with low-end software, a cheap microphone, and no sound proofing. It takes high-end software, a quality microphone, a properly professionally treated room, and a professional voice actor to produce a professional audio book. It’s that simple.

If you’re going to put your book “out there” in audio, please make sure it sounds like a professional audio book product. After all, the audio book represents, you. I’ll say it again, the audio book represents you, the author.

diy audiobookThe listener wants to be – and must be – engaged, entertained, or to learn something. What makes a great audio book? Two things: the skill of the voice actor and a well written and edited book. The voice talent creates the character (or multiple characters) and must cause the listener to produce a “movie” in their mind. This is especially true with fiction, but important with nonfiction, also.

If an author has a great professional voice, can read extremely well, and has good experience as a recording narrator, then the author should be the person to read/record the book. If not, let the pros do it.

I do not recommend that authors record, edit, mix and master their own books. There is really too much to the pro audio book recording business. Audio book recording/production studios do what they do best. Just as authors create the written word creatively, best, book marketers market books best, etc. The more the author gets away from writing, the less productive that author is.

Remember, you want your book to represent your best. Surround yourself with the best people in their respective fields. Keep writing!

John MahoneyJohn Mahoney is the Owner/Producer of RavenPheat Productions and Raven Audio Books Recording and Production Studio in Glendale, Arizona. The recording studio was established in1998, and the audio book production division began in 2001. His current business composition: 80% audio books, hypnotherapy, meditations; 20% music. John’s motto: Placing respect, integrity, honesty, and quality above all else. Reach him at 623.215.8654, ravenaudiobooks@cox.net or ravenaudiobooks.com.

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