Day 1 RECAP: What are your goals for the Author Blog Challenge?

Day 1 RECAP: What are your goals for the Author Blog Challenge?

by Laura Orsini

As  you may be aware, we’re having a little 5-Week Author Blog Challenge to celebrate reaching 500 members of the Phoenix Publishing & Book GoalPromotion Meetup. It began yesterday, and we’re off to a great start. For the next 35 days, I’ll be doing a daily recap of a few of the posts from our participants.

Participants can use our prompts or write on the topics of their choice. I love the variety of ways our authors approached discussing their goals for the Challenge. Here is just a small sample…

BRENDA MILLER – Praise the Lord of My Life

“I read a story about a new way to introduce kids to books.  Starting about three years ago in Seattle, librarians designed a program where they ride electric bikes with small specially designed trailers that hold a variety of books that are shared with kids at farmers markets, festivals and sporting events.  The kids quickly gather around as soon as the bikes arrive, anxious to listen to this new type of book peddling librarian.  What a great way to bring the love of books to kids by reading actual picture books, not E-books and other digital reading programs.”

pencil 2VIRGINIA WILLIAMS – Rose Point Publishing

“Easy blog challenge prompt for Day 1–intuitive–what are the goals for the Author Blog Challenge better known as the ‘ABC‘?

(1) Is it to introduce new readers to the blog? (oh yes!)

(2) Is it to increase traffic to the blog? (oh yes!)

(3) Get in some extra writing practice? (of course!)

“All of the above! I joined in an effort to force myself accountable in continuing to hone the craft my grandfather thought he’d passed on when he left me his steamer trunk full of his own manuscripts, poems, short stories, and paintings over 80 years ago.”

pencil 2CHRISTINA WEIGAND – Palace of Twelve Pillars

“When I decided to do this I don’t know that I had any particular goals in mind. Now as Day One is upon me and I embark on this challenge and having chosen to write for the prompt I am forced to consider it.

“As I sit at my desk in the Dragon’s Lair typing these words the answers start to coalesce. My first goal is to have a little fun and write outside my w.i.p’s. There is so much pressure to write on one project or another and I often feel blocked, my muse locks the door and runs away. This is an opportunity for her to come out without that pressure, to just write for the fun of it, something totally unrelated to the w.i.p’s (works in progress).”

Please see the rest of our authors blog links and read them! They’re really good…

To successful blogging!



If you’re just learning about the Challenge for the very first time, don’t let the late hour deter you from joining! Fill out the REGISTRATION FORM, read the Guidelines, and begin blogging away!

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