Day 2 RECAP: When did you start writing?

Day 2 RECAP: When did you start writing?

by Laura Orsini

As  you may be aware, we’re having a little 5-Week Author Blog Challenge to celebrate reaching 500 members of the Phoenix Publishing & Book memory lane2Promotion Meetup. Yesterday was Day 2, and we had some great posts from our participants. For the next 34 days, I’ll be doing a daily recap of a few of the posts from our participants.

Participants can use our prompts or write on the topics of their choice. Seemed some of our authors loved the visit down Memory Lane. Here is just a small sample…

SUSAN KINCHEN – The Quirky Philosopher

“A look back in time.

“That is what today’s Author Blog Challenge is about. The key thing it revealed to myself is that I have been a writer for as long as I could hold a pencil. Of course, those earlier works was a bit ‘rough.'”pencil

LINZÉ BRANDON – Butterfly on a Broomstick

“Not sure how many words you can write each day? Maybe you are a slow typist and it feels like a mountain to climb if you set a target that you think everyone else can achieve in a matter of minutes. Then set yourself a time limit – not a word target.

“Take an old fashioned egg timer, no fancy mobile phone or computer app to distract you, and set it to fifteen minutes. And then you write! The number of words are not important. The time you sit and write – and you have to write – is your target for the day.”


KEBBA BUCKLEY BUTTON – Kebba Buckley Button Speaks

“So are you a person with a mission, who needs to write for that reason? Or are you simply craving to write?  Please, make notes on your thoughts.  One easy technique is to take a blank piece of paper, and begin sketching: your reasons for writing, what you have been writing, what you would like to write, what you would like to be known for.  Imagine your obituary: what will it say about you, your writing, and your life?  What would you like it to say?”

Please see the rest of our authors blog links and read them! They’re really good…

To a delightful trip down Memory Lane!



If you’re just learning about the Author Blog Challenge for the very first time, don’t let the late hour sign-me-updeter you from joining! Fill out theREGISTRATION FORM, read the Guidelines, and begin blogging away! You’ll qualify for the contest to win a $50 gift card to the bookstore of your choice IF you back-post for all the days you’ve missed so far AND add your name to the MisterLinky for each date. Details will be sent via email upon your registration.

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3 Responses to Day 2 RECAP: When did you start writing?

  1. I can relate to Keeba’s entry. I can’t help myself––I like to write. I especially like to write essays. Every e-mail I send is an essay. Other people write three lines; I write at least three paragraphs, and there is ALWAYS a beginning (introduction of topic), a middle (exploration of the many facets of the topic), and an end (conclusions to be drawn from the discussion.) I try to include something funny, or ironic, or just plain silly in the essay. What do I teach? Nothing…except, perhaps, to encourage others to view life from time to time from a slightly skewed perspective.


  2. Thank you for sharing my post.


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