by Lesley Sudders

Enthusiasm sept 15 2015

A poster with this Ralph Waldo Emerson quote probably hung in your high school classroom, right? Or maybe it was rotated every day or so with other inspiring adages in hopes we students might ingest these wisdom snacks (stealing a quote from my late friend Chuck) in a subliminal fashion. Maybe we did.

Enthusiasm expresses higher power within us. “Thus” refers to Theos or god, spirit. When we are enthusiastic, we are imbued with the feelings of connection, brilliance, power to do what we want to do, energy, and joy. It’s a wonderful word.

The lack of enthusiasm is a feeling of deadness, lack, emptiness. We are deserted by that which motivates and enlivens us.

Everyone feels both these states sooner or later. With any luck, enthusiasm returns – whether it’s about preparing a good dinner, looking forward to a walk with a friend, trekking up Everest, or writing whatever it is one may write.

I’m normally enthusiastic about much in my life. But lately I’ve had a health challenge, not serious in itself. It is somewhat painful. I don’t know yet what causes it or what I can do, but I seek answers and will get them.

My state of mind is, as a result, decidedly unenthusiastic. And it scares the hell out of me to think that I may not experience that glow of wanting to do something – anything – again. I know that’s not true. Past experience has taught me that.

We all have our tricks for getting back in gear. Certainly getting to work on anything is a good start, just taking that first step. Caring for others, even a pet. If my momma were here, she would remind me to think of those worse off. I tell myself that in her name. I feel selfish.

I remain hopeful that I will read this in the not-too-distant future and be unable to connect with the me of today.

Just thought of something to which I am enthusiastically opposed – the use of “enthuse” in any form. I know it has become acceptable, but it looks illiterate to me, personally. Why can’t one just say “I am enthusiastic about xx” instead of “I am enthused about xx”? Oh, well.

Maybe it’s time to dig out my tattered copy of Walden Pond and visit with Henry for while.

Lesley Sudders has published a mystery,
The Brodick Affair, Lesley Sudderswriting as Les Brierfield, and is at work on her next novel and several short stories. A Colorado native, she lives in Arizona with her husband and writing collaborator Eduardo Cervino (E.C. Brierfield). Follow her blog: Les Brierfield, Author. Lesley welcomes contact at lsudders@yahoo.com.

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2 Responses to Enthusiasm

  1. Marcie Brock says:

    I love your thoughtful discernment, Lesley. Here’s to your health. I’m with you – firmly believing this quiet time is important, and that you will soon regain your enthusiasm for all things wonderful!


  2. I must endorse Lesley’s disgust with the way people butcher the English language that we learned in our high school classes xx (many) years ago. I’m especially jolted by “impact” used as a verb, but more atrocious than that is the now common practice of the younger generation to use “text” as a verb. (I’m saying this with a bit of tongue in cheek, but I do have a tough time saying “texted” out loud.)

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