Day 3 RECAP: Favorite writing classes, programs, and workshops…

Day 3 RECAP: Favorite writing classes, programs, and workshops…

by Laura Orsini

As  you may be aware, we’re having a little 5-Week Author Blog Challenge to celebrate reaching 500 members of the Phoenix Publishing & Book dark and stormyPromotion Meetup. Yesterday was Day 3, and we had some interesting posts from our participants. For the next 33 days, I’ll be doing a daily recap of a few of the posts from our participants.

Participants can use our prompts or write on the topics of their choice. Seemed some of our authors loved a second reason to visit Memory Lane. Here is just a small sample…

BILL SOROKA – Habit Daddy

“I didn’t follow writing protocol though, and I think I cheated myself out of some deep skills that will require I revisit a lot of the basics. For instance, I despised re-writes, outlines, and drafts. I always waited to the last minute, and I had evidence (to me anyway) that I did my best work that way. …

“This stubborness carried over into adulthood, and I have been hesitant to take on too many critical writing specific courses. Having said that, I have worked around writing a lot, and that in itself has been an education. I was a ghost writer for a blogging company for nearly a year, which taught me how to write short, quick, shallow reads loaded with key words. I have written ad copy for nearly every company I’ve owned or worked for. And, I’ve had my own blog or journal since I can remember.”

pencil 2

LAURA HILE – Faith, Hope, Love … and Happily Ever After

Why do I never take on a beginner’s project? Always I must dive in with complicated instead of easy! Crazy, isn’t it? I have no one but myself to blame. What was true with counted cross stitch is just as true with writing.

“My debut fiction project was not a simple story, but a mammoth series based on Jane Austen’s Persuasion. Susan Kaye (the friend I mentioned in yesterday’s post) and I were co-writers, and we decided to post a chapter every week. What were we thinking? We wrote like fiends, and I learned by doing. And doing. And doing!”

pencil 2


Josh is sharing vignettes from one of his stories, offering lessons and analyses as he goes. I love this strategy!

“Now up to this point, there is no way that Sarina could even imagine why her sister would let a stranger in, but you and I can guess as to the reason why. Plot. Yes I said it. It is all about the plot and story. I mean really, it would not be that exciting of a story if Musaafir had died, because he didn’t defend himself or because Alex didn’t let him in. Seriously, Sarina, have you never read a novel? Now, don’t think I’m crazy. Of course I’m not really talking to Sarina but just making a point about plot. And while I’m on the subject, let’s talk a little about how I try to better my writing skills. Many of you may say, “What writing skills?” Well, all I have to say to you is… well nothing I guess, but anyway one of my favorite things to do to better my writing skills is to go to critique groups. Not the ones that just tell you you’re doing an amazing job. And definitely not the ones that cut you down so they feel better about their writing. No, the ones I enjoy are the ones that do both. They let you know how to improve and carefully build you up at the same time to match your skill. This is so nice. Now back to the story. Not sure where it’s going to go from here, but I’m sure it’ll go somewhere. So, onward, ever onward.”

Please see the rest of our authors’ blog links and read them! They’re really good…

To continued learning and improvement!



If you’re just learning about the Author Blog Challenge for the very first time, don’t let the late hour sign-me-updeter you from joining! Fill out the REGISTRATION FORM, read the Guidelines, and begin blogging away! You’ll qualify for the contest to win a $50 gift card to the bookstore of your choice IF you back-post for all the days you’ve missed so far AND add your name to the MisterLinky for each date. Details will be sent via email upon your registration.

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