Living Fully Awake

Living Fully Awake

by Marilou McIntyre

Awakening now

We have had a wake-up call to life. So how can anyone continue to carry on his or her life in a normal, rational way? We must go within and draw strength from the very core of our beings. The essence of happiness is to be in control of our life and be able to make rational, conscious decisions to improve the quality of our life and the lives of those around us. These decisions are based on our experiences to date.

Before deciding anything, we need to know the facts about the situation and the possible results of any such decision. We must make the decision from a conscious, free-will place. It is now up to each of us to exercise our choices to enhance our positive outlook and life goals. It’s time to get conscious control of our lives and get rid of any automatic reactions that will not enhance life or further our goals. Remember: Seeing is not believing; believing is seeing.

Be aware that you are the sum total of every experience you have ever had. If you are willing to entertain the belief that this is not the only life your soul has ever experienced, we can expand that thought to say that you are the sum total of everyone and everything you have ever been. Likewise, it follows that we have all faced – not only in this life, but in countless past lives –traumas that are stored in our being. These stored past experiences, good or bad, live in our cellular memory or subconscious. Some of these memories are so traumatic that they dramatically alter the way we live, act, and react today. Very significant, painful experiences carry over from lifetime to lifetime until they are released.

You no longer need to react to traumas in your cellular memory that can be harmful to you and others. Start passing every thought through your heart to determine benefit before you take any action.

For greater understanding of this complex topic, please refer to my book Fast Road to Happiness/Journey Into Now. It offers a road map to shift you into altered consciousness, allowing you to move through time and space to release traumas and phobias established in past lives and move beyond irrational or fearful behavior. Learn how to break through time-space barriers and take control of your life and goals. The book covers true, documented incidences of Spiritual Healing and the steps necessary to gain conscious past life regressions without hypnosis.

The author is also available for Akashic Record healing readings via telephone. These are very successful, and she has been nicknamed Fear Buster. Try her; you’ll like her. To reserve a reading, visit her website. This would also be a great time to learn about her other spiritual development books, which are available through Barnes and Noble or Amazon.

Dr. Marilou McIntyre’s philosophy is very basic: Follow the Golden Rule to be happy, Marilou Macintyrehealthy, and wealthy. Right thought and right action polishes the soul and ultimately promotes longevity and immortality. Dr. McIntyre is an author, past life connector, and fear buster. She helps those suffering from irrational fears to mend the past so they can overcome their fears and live happy, healthy, successful lives. She worked hard to get a DD, MBA, MA, and Ph.D in her quest to learn and share. Her books, Fast Road to Happiness: Journey Into Now, Life is Forever – Get Used to It, and The Forever Principles: Listening to an Angel Voice in My Head, assist you on the spiritual path and provide roadmaps to enjoying life forever. To schedule a past life exploration or learn more about Dr. McIntyre’s books, visit You can also find her on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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  1. I strongly agree with much of your teaching, especially: “Before deciding anything, we need to know the facts about the situation and the possible results of any such decision.” Most of the time, people react with a “knee-jerk” reaction that can be harmful to both parties, when a “cooling-off period” might provide more information that mitigates an open conflict. Hmmmm. Does this sound like a recommendation for national governments and politicians? I jest, but I do believe we’d all be better off if we could live by the principles you teach.

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