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How will you spend your next 14,428?

How will you spend your next 14,428? by Joe Torres 365¼. That’s how many days are in a year. If I lived to be 100 years old, that would be 36,525 days of life. It sounds so much shorter when … Continue reading

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Way Down on the Colorado River

Way Down on the Colorado River by C.K. Thomas Have you ever been to Parker, Arizona? If you have, you know it sits near small, winding roads dubbed back-road byways, which should give you some idea of the terrain. This … Continue reading

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Gratitude for Words

Gratitude for Words by Sue Faris Raatjes If you’re an American resident reading this on November 26, 2015, you most likely are celebrating Thanksgiving Day with family and/or friends. You might be satiated by a scrumptious meal whose menu never … Continue reading

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Are You a Planner…or a “Pantser?”

Are You a Planner…or a “Pantser?” by Mary Ellen Stepanich Earlier this month, I attended the Southwestern Writers Conference in Avondale, Arizona, and heard a couple of local writer celebrities discussing how to write fiction successfully. I was gratified to … Continue reading

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Power of the Group: Want more eyeballs on YOUR book this holiday season?

Power of the Group: Want more eyeballs on YOUR book this holiday season? by Laura Orsini If we’re honest as authors, there’s one thing we want from Santa this year, and that’s more eyeballs on our blogs, more engagement on … Continue reading

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Make Time for Internet Marketing, Especially Blogging

Make Time for Internet Marketing, Especially Blogging by Amelia Painter If you are a self-published author, then you are also the owner of a small business, and it is imperative that you organize your weekly schedule and make the time … Continue reading

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Are You Unconsciously Competent?

Are You Unconsciously Competent? by Jake Poinier As writers, editors, designers, publishers, and businesspeople, we’re always evolving. Pushing yourself to the next level requires understanding a psychological principle known as “The Four Stages of Competence.” If you’re not familiar with the … Continue reading

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Release Unexplained Fears Connected to Past Lives

Release Unexplained Fears Connected to Past Lives by Marilou McIntyre Knowledge of reincarnation and past lives helps to explain why we react from a subconscious level to people and situations, and why some people have seemingly illogical fears unattached to … Continue reading

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Young Adult Author Rendezvous

Young Adult Author Rendezvous by Patrick Hodges As the old saying goes, “If you want something done, you’ve gotta do it yourself.” Trite? Possibly. Cryptic? Definitely. So let me ‘splain the incredible, amazing thing that has happened along my author … Continue reading

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Public Speaking – I’d Rather Die!

Public Speaking – I’d Rather Die! by Lesley Sudders Dramatic declaration, but true for many fearful souls. The fear of speaking in public, according to surveys, outweighs the fear of flying, dogs, snakes – and yes, death. Writers may be … Continue reading

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