Make Time for Internet Marketing, Especially Blogging

Make Time for Internet Marketing, Especially Blogging

by Amelia Painter

If you are a self-published author, then you are also the owner of a small business, and it is imperative that you organize your weekly schedule and make the time to do a little marketing on the Internet each and every day possible.

In the early days of the Web, just having a website listed on the major search engines brought traffic to most sites – interesting content encouraged return visits. Today, more often than not, authors and other small business owners can be disappointed by the number of visitors to their websites. In my 20+ years’ experience as an author and professional web designer, I’ve noticed that low site traffic can often have nothing to do with a site’s design. It generally has everything to do with competition.

With millions of pages already on the Web, and more added daily, getting your website noticed isn’t easy. When authors ask me what they can do to increase traffic to their sites, I encourage them to learn all they can about online marketing – especially since more and more consumers are using the Internet on their computers as well as their mobile phones and other mobile devices to find what they need or research items they wish to purchase.

One exciting way to increase traffic and push website rankings higher in search engines is through the practice of blogging.

So, What Is a “Blog”?

The word blog is an abbreviated version of weblog, which is a term used to wordpress logodescribe websites that maintain an ongoing chronicle of information. From a layperson’s point of view, it is a diary-type commentary that contains links to additional places on the Internet. Blogs can focus on a particular topic, such as the release of an upcoming book, or they could be of a more personal nature – one author simply journaling their thoughts about daily life. Today, the most popular blogging application is also one of the most popular website applications, especially with authors and other small business owners. In my world of web development, it is also the most client requested development tool: WordPress.

WordPress makes it possible for the most novice computer user to create posts and market on the Internet while maintaining 100 percent control of their website. WordPress is public domain software, so updates are always free. Plus, there are hundreds of high-end responsive themes that perform well on all sizes of digital devices – from laptops to smartphones and tablets.

WordPress can be a bit challenging to install on a server, but there are hosting companies that simplify the process and many WordPress professionals to help install or initially configure the software for you.

Why Search Engines Love Blogs

  1. Blogs are relevant, organized, and contain subject-specific your blog herecontent: Search engines love relevant content that’s organized in simple, intuitive fashion – similar to site maps.
  2. Blogs tend to index easily: With a blog, the search engines can read the content much more easily because there’s nothing to get in the way. In most cases, few graphics, no Flash movies or complex javascript – just pure, well-organized text.
  3. Frequently updated content: New content is a signal to the search engines to visit any site more frequently. The more frequently they visit, the more they’ll index, and the better your chances of achieving higher rankings. (And remember content quality: It is important to add original content that has value to the visitor!)
  4. An abundance of links: Blogs allow links, which make a search engine’s job a lot easier. Search engines generally index a site by following one link to another. If you are in full control of your blog, always make sure your links open new windows. This way, once a visitor closes the linked window, they remain on your site and can continue to navigate your posts and pages.

WordPress makes online marketing an effective and economical way to get more buzz going about your books and your brand. You can easily reach your target audience and improve your visibility factor by blogging regularly, making sure that your blog posts automatically distribute to your various social media venues. Internet marketing has never been easier.

So let nothing stand in your way of success, as a well-designed WordPress blog owned by a committed blogger who regularly posts original content is able to compete and stand against the tallest competitor who has already built a strong online presence.

______________Amelia Painter

Amelia Painter is the author of six books and the owner of Amelia Painter Press, a web and graphic design firm based in the Phoenix area. Visit to learn more about her services and books.

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