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It’s Almost Here!

It’s Almost Here! by Patricia Grady Cox For Arizona readers and writers, the biggest days of the year will be here before you know it. I’m talking about the Tucson Festival of Books. This year it will be held March … Continue reading

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Starting Over Ain’t So Bad

Starting Over Ain’t So Bad by Joe Torres I’ve been working on my book for the better part of a year. One day recently, I took a look at my work and hated it. I was mortified. I called myself … Continue reading

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Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Anne Morrow Lindbergh by C.K. Thomas I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with Reeve Lindbergh, the youngest daughter of Anne and Charles Lindbergh’s six children. Sadly, the 2001 signed and dedicated first edition copy of her book, No … Continue reading

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WORD PURGE by Sue Faris Raatjes© What is it about January and purging? Holiday excess often leads to the desire for simplicity. Many of us clean, sort, and purge in the first month of a new year. It makes us … Continue reading

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Am I a Writer… or an Emcee?

Am I a Writer… or an Emcee? by Mary Ellen Stepanich I attended the annual Southwest Writers Conference in November – I attend every year because it’s nearby and not too costly. I suppose I’m trying to become a writer. … Continue reading

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What does Business Body Language have to do with early choral music? Plenty!

What does Business Body Language have to do with early choral music? Plenty! by Barbara Chatzkel There I was, sitting in an art gallery space, waiting for a concert of early choral music to begin. And, WHAM! – all these … Continue reading

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The Power of the Group: The more early readers, the better for your book

The Power of the Group: The more early readers, the better for your book by Laura Orsini As often as I come across it, you’d think I might by now be used to the stunning number of authors who approach … Continue reading

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It’s Never Too Late to Say Thank You

It’s Never Too Late to Say Thank You by Jake Poinier A high school classmate recently posted on Facebook that Mr. McGraw, my favorite teacher from those years, had retired. It caught me by surprise, because he couldn’t possibly be … Continue reading

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The Forever Principles

The Forever Principles by Marilou McIntyre, Ph.D. Several months ago I started hearing continuous buzzing in my head. At first I thought I must be going crazy. As one who consciously regresses and prophecies for individuals, it is difficult to … Continue reading

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Five Years and Counting…Writing My First Novel

Five Years and Counting…Writing My First Novel by Ofelia Montelongo It was not so long ago that I decided to quit my financial job to dedicate my life to my new business and my writing. I finished the first draft … Continue reading

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