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Sadie Hawkins’ Day

Sadie Hawkins’ Day by C.K. Thomas The year 2016 has 366 days to make up for the fact that the earth doesn’t revolve around the sun exactly 365 times a year. Leap Year rolls around every four years when we … Continue reading

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How Writing a Book is Like Latch-Hooking a Rug

How Writing a Book is Like Latch-Hooking a Rug by Mary Ellen Stepanich, Ph.D. A book is usually made up of 60,000 to 100,000 words recorded on paper or in a digital storage device, with one word following another in … Continue reading

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The Dangers of Being A Business Body Language Pro

The Dangers of Being A Business Body Language Pro  by Barbara Chatzkel Once you are aware of business body language, you begin to unconsciously observe what is happening around you through the lens of business body language. This spills over … Continue reading

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Unexplained Fears Connected to Past Lives

Unexplained Fears Connected to Past Lives by Dr. Marilou McIntyre Knowledge of reincarnation and past lives helps to explain why we react from a subconscious level to people and situations, and why some people have seemingly illogical fears unattached to … Continue reading

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Dialogue Basics

Dialogue Basics by Patrick Hodges If there is one thing I’ve learned a lot about over the last year – as a writer, a reader, and an editor – it’s how NOT to write dialogue. And believe me, I have … Continue reading

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Does Your Book Cover Appeal to Readers?

Does Your Book Cover Appeal to Readers? by Virginia Williams The cover of this book appears to offer a deeply whimsical view of an older west coast rural existence, and the book delivers on the promise. Perhaps you buy books … Continue reading

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Life Intervened

Life Intervened by Beth Kozan I’m writing this on Sunday evening, January 31. The previously silent house where I would write this blog piece is suddenly active. A rain storm blew in, and the windows howled in reaction to the … Continue reading

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