Unexplained Fears Connected to Past Lives

Unexplained Fears Connected to Past Lives

by Dr. Marilou McIntyre

Knowledge of reincarnation and past lives helps to explain why we react from a subconscious level to people and situations, and why some people have seemingly illogical fears unattached to present life memory or circumstances. We come into this life with the experiences of past lives, where the circumstances that caused our present-day anxiety, depression, or fear originated. These past-life memories affect our present life without any obvious connection. Reviewing our past lives allows us to see what happened – perhaps many lifetimes ago – and realize that it has nothing to do with our present life. Once recognized, the fear can be released, along with the accompanying irrational behavior or phobia.


Fear can sabotage healthy relationships, success, and happiness. Intense or crippling fear is known as a phobia.  Behaviors associated with phobias include avoidance, fear, or anxious anticipation of encountering the phobic stimulus (spiders, heights, bridges, small spaces, etc.) and significantly interfere with the person’s daily routine, job, or social life. Intense fear can take over one’s life, and professional assistance can become necessary to make the changes required to improve health and happiness. Researching past lives may be the missing link ignored by psychologists and doctors as a healing tool.

Your physical form is the temple for your soul, which guides you into the necessary higher education of life. You travel with your soul, lifetime to lifetime, as you seek understanding and solutions to the mysteries of life. You observe and retain every experience, without judgment, in the soul that accompanies you through each lifetime, and this can affect your behavior. These events are stored in cellular memory, or the subconscious, in the brain. Intense emotional upsets or traumas involving injuries or hurt to yourself or others, which your actions may have caused, can keep recurring in each lifetime until resolved.

When you are newly reborn, you usually forget the past after a few years. Often children remember, but because of the ridicule or punishment they receive when they speak of their “other life,” they will stop talking about it, and the fade begins. Forgetting the past allows you to accomplish what you came here to do. It is a form of protection, initially, until you grow and learn enough to be able to face and release all ancient problems and learn to be here now. Through this method, you come out of darkness and into life.

This process can eventually expand your awareness, heal sickness, and help you change what you GS - sinking boat vector bluedo not like in your life, including your physical appearance. Conscious past-life regression, without hypnosis, is one way to tap into this information. For instance, if you have a fear of water, perhaps you were on the Titanic when it sank. Imagine the soul-searing imprint created by a fear of water and boats. Not only the fear of water and dying imprinted at the time of passing, but also the thundering screams of others as they drowned, despite your struggle to survive. In another lifetime, you would have to overcome those fears and realize they are only memories. You would probably also need to develop the ability to cope in a crowded, noisy situation.

What about perversions one may have toward health and wealth? Possibly you lived in a poor desert community in a dirt dugout with eight other family members. You became ill and eventually died after much physical pain and suffering because your family couldn’t afford proper medical help for you. When you passed into spirit, there might have been horrendous resentment of the poverty in which you lived that ultimately caused your death. Eventually you would have to face this resentment of family and poverty. You could reincarnate and have contact with members of that family again so that you could heal the issues you previously blamed on them. In addition, you would have to alter your attitude regarding wealth and poverty. In your present life, you might also experience an aversion to excessive heat, sand, and thirst.

These two examples show how the past can control one’s behavior and/or health. Such issues must be released in conscious awareness if you are to take control of your life in the here and now. You are the captain of your soul and pilot of your present life. Use this opportunity to realize your perfection. Seek to see what has caused your irrational fears in order to heal them.

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Marilou MacintyreDr. Marilou McIntyre is an author, past-life connector, and fear buster. She helps those suffering from irrational fears to mend the past so they can overcome their fears and live happy, healthy, successful lives. Her books, Fast Road to Happiness: Journey into Now, Life Is Forever-Get Used to It, and The Forever Principles: Listening to an Angel Voice in My Head, assist you on the spiritual path and provide roadmaps to enjoying your life forever. To schedule a past-life exploration or learn more about her books, visit MarilouMcIntyre.com.

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