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Local Venue Highlights Phoenix-Area Writers

Local Venue Highlights Phoenix-Area Writers by Patricia Grady Cox A friend of mine recently participated in a relatively new event for writers: Spillers. It takes place every three months at the Crescent Ballroom in downtown Phoenix. You can get all … Continue reading

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The Block

The Block  by Joe Torres The cursor … the cursor … oh, you accusatory little blip. How I hate thee. And yet I love that blinking little motivator. It’s almost like it’s saying, “Hey, hey, you should … be working … Continue reading

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A Leap of Faith

A Leap of Faith by C. K. Thomas A dove has made her nest under the eve of our back porch, a situation I’m sure Jan Karon would find delightful. I read Karon’s books to enjoy and learn from her … Continue reading

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Coauthoring “16 in ’64”

Coauthoring “16 in ’64” by Joe Carroccio In September of 2015, I was talking with my friend Marti Edwards about music, The Beatles, and  baby boomers. Marti proceeded to tell me about pictures she wanted to show me of the … Continue reading

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Why Headlines Are So Misleading

Why Headlines Are So Misleading by Mary Ellen Stepanich Do you know why the headlines in newspapers are so lurid, and why they seem to have very little to do with the article that follows? It’s because the journalists who … Continue reading

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Mixing Red Noses and Business Body Language: Red Nose Day is May 26, 2016

Mixing Red Noses and Business Body Language: Red Nose Day is May 26, 2016 by Barbara Chatzkel QUESTION: What happens when you add red noses, red sunglasses, red ball caps, red bow ties, and red deely boppers* to the business … Continue reading

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The Power of the Group: Should You Start an Author Mastermind Group?

The Power of the Group: Should You Start an Author Mastermind Group? by Laura Orsini If you’ve never taken part in a mastermind group, perhaps it’s time to consider joining – or starting – one. Coined by Napoleon Hill, the … Continue reading

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Meeting My First Fan

Meeting My First Fan by Sarah Krueger As a new writer, I am still finding my audience. Other than friends and family members, no one really knows I’ve got a book, yet. This week, I was privileged to speak to the entire … Continue reading

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To Outline or Not to Outline

To Outline or Not to Outline by Patrick Hodges Most fiction writers fall into one of two categories, which in the vernacular are called “plotters” and “pantsers.” Lest you be unfamiliar with these terms: a “pantser” is someone who sits … Continue reading

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Tips for Success at a Book Event

GUEST POST Tips for Success at a Book Event by Helen Goldman As a promotional products professional for more than 20 years, I’ve seen the results from using promo products. But don’t just take my word for it. A 2009 … Continue reading

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