Meeting My First Fan

Meeting My First Fan

by Sarah Krueger

Sarah speaks

As a new writer, I am still finding my audience. Other than friends and family members, no one really knows I’ve got a book, yet. This week, I was privileged to speak to the entire sixth grade class of Mercury Mine Elementary School. I explained a little about my writing process and read a chapter from the book.

The students were attentive and laughed in all the right places. Afterward, they asked questions. One small girl in the back of the room raised her hand. I called on her, and her question sparked a 10-minute discussion about the fairies in my book. What they liked, disliked, their magical powers and abilities. This little girl was really into it. She told me later that she couldn’t wait to read my book and was eagerly waiting for the second in the series.

Suddenly I realized I had a fan. Someone who liked what I was writing. It thrilled me to think that I wasn’t writing just to get my stories out of my head. Someone was actually waiting for me to write, the way I wait for my favorite authors to hurry up and finish their next books. Someone was hungry for more of what was in my mind.

I found myself smiling, relieved to know I wasn’t just playing at this writing thing. Who knew that a 12-year-old girl could give me such validation? I hope I never lose the excitement I feel writing to my fans. I can’t imagine it ever getting old. I know there will be times when the writing doesn’t flow as easily as it is now, but at least I’ll know that once upon a time, my mother wasn’t my only fan.

______________Sarah Krueger

Sarah Krueger is the author of The Willowmist series. She enjoys writing teen fantasy and making fairy gardens with her daughter. She is the mother of four boys and a daughter and the wife to her awesome filmmaker husband, Dean Krueger. Visit her Facebook page.

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