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Grieving the Loss of a Fictional Character

Grieving the Loss of a Fictional Character by Joe Torres Webster’s Dictionary defines grief as “a deep sadness, especially caused by someone’s death,” “a cause of deep sadness,” or “trouble or annoyance.” Notice how there is no mention of the … Continue reading

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Unexpected Rewards

Unexpected Rewards by C.K. Thomas “No way,” I thought, “Not in a million years will I have any kind of surgery, and especially not elective surgery.” The day has passed when a bum knee gave no promise of getting better … Continue reading

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Enjoy what you are doing!

Enjoy what you are doing! by Joe Carroccio As September comes to a close, so much is happening with regard to 16 in ’64. Last time, I spoke about a publicist who works exclusively with Beatles-related authors and was referred … Continue reading

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They Can’t Say That I DIDN’T Write!

They Can’t Say That I DIDN’T Write! by Mary Ellen Stepanich I received a call last week from a gal who lives here in my retirement community. I used to sing with her in an ensemble that entertained annually in … Continue reading

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Subways – A Body Language Festival

Subways – A Body Language Festival by Barbara Chatzkel I grew up on the New York City subways. My subway token was a magic ticket to the theater, the Guggenheim Museum, Greenwich Village, Times Square, and so many other places. … Continue reading

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An Extraordinarily Beautiful Memoir

An Extraordinarily Beautiful Memoir by Jack Dermody At a Phoenix Publishing & Book Promotion Meetup, it was enough for me to just glance quickly at Jan Krulick-Belin’s brand new memoir, Love Bill. The cover itself is a work of beauty. … Continue reading

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Making Serials Work for You

Making Serials Work for You by Immortal Angel When I say I’m an author, most people think I write novel-length books. And surprisingly, there are still a great many people who don’t consider me a “real author” if my books … Continue reading

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If you want happiness, you must seek it

If you want happiness, you must seek it by Marilou McIntyre Seeking happiness is a major step toward achieving it and gaining control of your life. Like love, happiness is abstract, but real in one’s life. Each person must determine … Continue reading

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Expressing Emotion in Writing

Expressing Emotion in Writing by Patrick Hodges As an author, it’s normal to look at our past works and wonder, “OMG, what was I thinking?” Obviously, rookie mistakes are normal when you’re a fledgling writer, but whether you are writing … Continue reading

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The Fiction Is Sometimes Worse Than the Fiction

The Fiction Is Sometimes Worse Than the Fiction by Christine Burke They say that truth is stranger than fiction. For me, I think that many times the fiction is worse than the fiction, and by that I am referring to … Continue reading

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